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Conciousness and our multidimensional selves

I come from a deeply academic background.  Science was and is the ultimate purveyor of our existence or so I thought.  After a series of

The Influence of the Higher Self or Magical Personality and Dreaming

(My notes to Self) What I gained from reading Session 86 Question 7 (The Ra Material) A. Consciously choose the path of the Adept. (1)

More From “The Ra Material”/“Law of One” – THE HIGHER SELF

My thanks to Bob Childers Ph.D., by way of a reference to his website by Gary Peter Carlson who was referred by AscentionWorksTV member Tony
ET & Spiritual Contact

Signs and Wonders

I have many pictures and videos of colorful and varied sized orbs indoors but I have very few outdoor pictures.  In early March I began

Introduction to 4th Density from “The Ra Material”/“Law of One”

This is a test post to gauge the interest in “The Ra Material” or “Law of One”. My first attempt to share is a long

Petroglyphs, Crop Circles and Ancient Builder Race?

Some background……. In 2012, as a retired teacher, I was looking for a hobby and I love to hike. So I began to venture out

Our Sun today

Feeling off the rocker lately? Like people around you are really losing it, or yourself are swinging between crying, laughing and being lost in space?

50 closest star systems to earth.

Have you ever given much thought to the physical homeland of Micca and Emmi? I’ve come to believe that they are among the planets and


My thought process upon coming out of a deep sleep this morning.  SOS When those letters are combined, my memories of being in the third

A message from the Star People  – Truth Light ~ Mi’kmaq Second Message will be delivered Live on zoom!!   This Friday March 18 Migmag Teacher & Translator Joan Milliea will

Choose Wisely

Affirmation I can believe whatever I want. Thats the beauty and the central meaning of freedom. I’m free to choose. It is a central ingredient

Consciousness and interdimensional work

As I have been navigating new realities these past several years a lot of old energy has come to the surface.  I have come to

Does the “Sphere Being Alliance”&”The Confederation of Planets in the Service of the Infinite Creator” represent the same group of beings?

The Law of One Material, a channeled document, has been a source of provocative challenges to my thought processes and concepts of reality. Having accepted
Awakening & Ascension

Is there hope for peace and harmony? Message for Starseeds/Wanderers (02/2022)

Do you remember the following quote from Ra? “We may note at this point while you ponder the possibility/probability vortices that although you have many,

Mica – A Brief Overview

Mica is an Ambassador to Earth who is one of fifty three individuals selected by the Sphere Being Alliance and the new Guardians to represent

Buzz Aldrin – Antartica.

 Some years ago (5?) a group of people from the US visited Antartica, including Buzz Aldrin. He fell ill for some reason … and needed
Awakening & Ascension

How to protect your Light

Unfortunately we are almost blind: in the most cases we aren’t able to see beyond the limits of our physical perception. This Veil prevents our
Awakening & Ascension

Early morning

It is early saturday morning here in northern Europe. Not so easy to sleep nowadays, but what to do? At least it’s the weekend.  It

The Anshar

Many followers of Coreys story have become fascinated by the Earths “Inner Earth” inhabitants know as the Anshar. The following is a part of that

The Choice

There seems to be but one major choice to be made…. by every sentient being. The length of time it takes to make that choice

Seeking High Vibrating God Loving Band Members

Hi! I’m Shira Notes! Half of my life work is bringing healing, truth and empathy to the Human Family through music; akin to John Lennon,

Help Wanted

I believe that the launch of the graphic novel, the upcoming interviews and work with Jenny McCarthy and many other major areas, along with the
Awakening & Ascension

Invocation toThe Cosmic Light

Beloved Glorious I AM Presence, Light of my soul, may the Light of Cosmic Illumination, the Light of Cosmic Victory and Love be poured into

Ending Negativity: A Reality Check

Transitioning our attention to 4D thinking does not come without a caveat.  Don’t believe that there is no negativity in the 4D world. We might not
Awakening & Ascension

Jesus death and the Law of One

After watching the “Mary Magdalene” movie on Netflix, I was drawn to re-read some of the Ra materials, in particular regarding the life of Jesus

Conflict vs Cooperation

See there can be cooperation, conflict is not a necessity. In fact, reality reflects whatever we expect, without exception. For example, if you are a

Investment and Higher Density Influence-(Not what you think)

I want to approach Investment from a totally different perspective than the type of investments my 3D experience made me familiar with in my younger

The Strength and Power of Rejection

This is a bit of a play on words, however it is also a call to see things differently. This morning, in that time just

Could you comment on Kim Goguen’s Report?

Dear Corey,  I have been following your work for many years and I consider your work seminal in my personal development. Many thanks for your

You Mold the Clay – What you can do

“People often ask “what can I do”? They feel small and insignificant. That is how the opposition wants you to feel. They have worked very

Libertad y soberanía

Sin acabar ,como la realidad qué aplasta la verdad, hasta qué toca acabar lo qué esta realidad depara. La línea del tiempo óptimo para la


La creatividad me ayuda,libera,inspira,…viendo durmientes espirituales,llegando al culminen tecnológico,sin balancearse la realidad? ayuda y reconforta poder expresar tantas dudas  y respuestas con  ésta comunidad en

Off the Grid in “Nomadsland”

“Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century” I actually haven’t seen this movie. I’ve not met the professional actors but have met the “extras”. My

Ending Worry – BEEing HAPPY – Transition Your Attention off 3D Concerns and Begin Thinking in 4D/5D Terms

I just re-read the Cosmic Disclosure episode “Guiding Humanity to Ascension” and it was information packed. However, personally, I had to force my 3D mind

Where a midnight bunny trail led

Sometimes I wake up at 2 or 3am and I find something that is perfectly attuned to the knowledge/download I need to receive at that

Ascending Inward : Improvement by Doing Inner Work

Repost: A different way to see the Ascension process. It never hurts to question the approach we take to learn more about the study of

Intuition: Being Described by Ra In “Law of One”

Many of us have gone years waiting to feel inspired to do something or go somewhere. To be inspired to create something, be artistic or


We all see things from a different perspective. I’ve heard that when the police take a witness report about an incident, there are often major

What is the Difference? 

Judgement is now. Justice is near. Because of recent updates It has become clear to us that Humans have been abused by “Evil” ET’s. Humans

Dichotomy: Service to Self and Service to Others

My Intuition spoke to me today and asked me to ponder the concepts: Service to Self and Service to Others. It was an interesting study
Freedom & Sovereignty

Diet and Transhumanism | My life on the raw food

By the age of 45 I came to the point when physical living turned into existence that included struggle at every step. Starting from struggle
SSP Alliance Updates

The Awakening of the Old Gods from Stasis Chambers

SSP Alliance Updates Part 8
SSP Alliance Updates

The Global Galactic League of Nations Declaration of Independence from the Interplanetary Conglomerate and Associated Earth Governments

SSP Alliance Updates Part 7
SSP Alliance Updates

The Dark Fleet and the Draco Reptilians

SSP Alliance Updates Part 6
SSP Alliance Updates

The Liberation of Micca’s Planet

SSP Alliance Updates Part 5
SSP Alliance Updates

Incident at the LOC: Secret Emergency ICC Meeting Interrupted by a Zulu Elder and the New Guardians

SSP Alliance Updates Part 4

Seeing into what is the Soul

In seeking some insight on what is the Soul, I came across the following. In a Question to Ra regarding the using of nuclear weapons
Awakening & Ascension

Talking Pets???

Have you seen Bunny? The dog!  Bunny is one cool cat (I mean, dog)! 😀   Bunny talks with her humans.  She uses these buttons affixed

Changing Course

Nothing ever stays the same, and I am birthing yet another facet of moi. This is a me that delves back inward.  Since the c19
Awakening & Ascension

Help & Healing are available

We, as a collective consciousness, are going through the rough times right now. Fear, oppression, division and hatred… – it seems like it’s reaching its