Group Consciousness on Training Wheels

Those who are experiencing consciousness growth, whose lives in Third Density and whose heritage has always been Earth, have never really experienced being a social memory complex. The transition to Fourth Density for many is currently in the “training wheels” phase .

The Anshar, Wanderers and Star Seeds have had the experience of being part of a social memory complex and that may have been their greatest motivation for offering service to others by incarnating on Earth by offering assistance in these end times moments. To influence and assist in this transitional time toward more positive/service to others choices.

The uniqueness of the 22 genetic experiments Corey speaks of, and the feeling that the purpose of many of them is to make refinements in the process of becoming “One” has made me seek ways to express this understanding that is helpful to those I come in contact with.

My intuition spoke to me….. of remembering to ride a bicycle as a child and the challenges involved. The rocks in my hands and knees from falling while learning. The crashes and being willing to try again. The success of finding balance and equilibrium that was so exhilarating with a successful ride. And very important is,…. that once you’ve learned to ride a bike, you never forget. To me, it seemed a good analogy.

Several complicating factors have challenged us in this process on Earth it seems. The destruction of Tiamat and devastation on Mars meant that a very large number of beings that had been exposed to quite negative “service to self” tendencies where able to incarnate and bring genetic influences to Earth that have especially challenged and influenced its transition to a positive “service to others” civilization in the last several major cycles. We are approaching the end of one of this cycles and the end result will be to graduate many to the next higher vibration of 4D. Not all will make the transition, however, ALL will have other opportunities to do so in another cycle. 4D begins an in earnest effort involving many “other selves” to unite in a non-controlling venture to manifest a group consciousness thought system that is much more positive than the 3D we are experiencing now.

Don’t believe that negative ends at 4D. The percentages decreases. At 5D, it decreases further. Those negative beings that are still present in 5D are quite skilled in “control mechanisms”. They want to try to control those in all the lower dimensions. Those of us who are working toward more positive vibration will have that to contend with regardless, as we work through the processes of waking up from the dream to the potential of the reality of Oneness.

On the other hand also remember that positive increases, percentage wise, with each move in the density journey. That, to me, is the reason those who are not trying to control outcomes are in greater numbers/influence but they also know strength comes from our own motivation to do the work ourselves. Like someone working out in the gym to gain muscle, “Positive Energy” Muscle does not develop if someone does the work for you. I glad your here with me to get this “work” thing figured out.

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