Choose Wisely


I can believe whatever I want. Thats the beauty and the central meaning of freedom. I’m free to choose. It is a central ingredient of enjoyment of both life and death. Joy in Life and Peace in Death.

Not only can I believe what I want, I’m free to think what I want. I’m free to change what I believe and free to change what I think.

I’m free to be right and free to be wrong. I’m free to make a mistake and I’m free to correct a mistake. I’m free to be positive and I free to be negative.

I’m in control, if I want to be free. I’m in control.

I’m right where I want to be, learning the lessons I want to learn and teaching the lessons I want to teach. I learn what I teach and I teach what I learn. It comes naturally.

The catalyst for all of this is an emotion and attitude called love. Love is the motivation. To love is the choice. There is no limit on its size and its effect. I’m free to share it toward myself and to share it with others.

If ever I find myself feeling not in control of what I teach, or what I learn, or why I love, I’ve chosen to do so.

I will choose wisely.

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