I AM, Love and the Song of Life

January 31st, 2020

Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador

HeartMInd. What is HeartMind? What happens when two people come together? Love. Love happens. Does Love happen or is Love always there and two people just notice it? What is devotion? Devotion to Love? Devotion to sanity? What is the HeartMInd? Emptiness. Yes. It is Emptiness. But it is more than that too, My friend. What is Emptiness? You have experienced it as formlessness, as Empty of phenomena, as vastness, as peace, as infinite formless Void and that Void is what, My friend? What is that Void? What is it? What does it feel like? It feels like peace, tranquility, spaciousness, quietness, love, understanding, knowing. But what is that? What constitutes this feeling of Emptiness?

Feel the Presence. Feel the Presence of things, My friend. Feel the Presence of things. What happens when you completely open to feeling? What happens when you completely open and become that feeling? What does it feel like? It feels like Love. Love is the felt presence of your True Self or your True Nature. Now, you want to know a little secret about you and your Twin? Your HeartMind is Empty and her HeartMind is Full. You know what that means? Your HeartMinds are merging. They are integrating and becoming one. One.

Love just is. It cannot be described or explained. It just Is. It has qualities that can be described. It is warm, it is open, it Is.

When two people Love each other, Love happens. Love is generated. It is the feeling of Union. Union with the Self, with God. Union. Union with all things. Union with the Divine. Union with God. God is Union. Union with All. Feel this. Live this. Love this. Love is the most powerful force in all of Creation. Why? Because it is Creation itself. It is the force of Union. The force of Union is Love. Bask in Love. Feel Love. Radiate Love. Drench yourself in Love. For Love is all there is. Love is all there is. And it is Good. It is Plenty. It is Infinity. It is the All and the All is One. One and Only. God. Love.

Relax your resistance to Love. Relax your resistance, My friend. Relax your resistance. To resist Love is to fear Love. And to fear Love is separation. It is separation from God—from All There Is. When you choose separation, you choose fear. And when you choose fear, you choose suffering. One can only suffer so much before they have to return to Love. Love of God. Love of Self. Love of the Beloved. Love of the All. All is Creation. And All are manifestations of Creation. And all IS Creation itself. So choose Love. Choose to bask in the Love of God. The Love of Creation. The Love of the Father. The Love of the Mother. The Love of the Child. The Love of the Other. The Love of the Self. The Love of the Self is what really governs the world. It is what moves the world. It is what creates the world—again, and again, and again. It is all there really is. All that is Real. All that is Sane. Love heals all. Love heals all fractures. Love heals all wounds. Love heals all separation.

Why would you want to separate from Love? Why would you want to mask yourself from Love? Why would you want to turn away from Love? Why turn away from Who You Really Are? Your True Nature—Love. Bask in Love. Bask in your Self—your Ancient Home. The Home of the Love of God. Here He is, right now. Her She is, right now. Here I AM, right now. Love Him. Love Her. Love It. Love your Self. Your True Self, your Real Self, your Ultimate Self, your Only Self is Love. Be here. Be here now, in this Space of Love, of Openness, of Vastness—the Vastness of your own Being, of Love Being, of Love Dream.

Love Song. Sing your Love Song. Sing your Love Song to heaven. Sing your Love Song to hell. Sing your Love Song to earth. Sing your Love song to all that sings and allow all that sings to sing back to you. For that is the Love Song of Creation. That is the Love Song of all manifestation. That is the Love song of All That Is. All is singing. Everything is singing. So sing with Creation. Sing with Love. Sing in harmony with the Song of Life. Sing your Song of Life. Sing your dreams into reality. Sing your body into health. Sing your lover to sleep. Sing the sweet song of forgiveness. Sing the sweet song of retribution. Sing the sweet song of miracles. Sing the sweet song of adequacy. Sing the sweet song of harmony for all beings. May all beings be relieved of suffering. May all beings release themselves of the bondage of suffering. May all beings find the peace and happiness they truly seek. The Happiness of their True Home. The Home of the Self. The Home of Union. The Home of all that is Good and Sweet and Magnificent in this world and all worlds that have been and will be. May all worlds to come relish in the sweet nectar of immortality, of everlasting Love-Life. May all beings relish in the sweetness of their own soul. The sweetness of the Self. May all beings relinquish their control and release themselves in the everlasting peace of Divinity. May all souls find the hope and happiness they so desperately seek. The everlasting hope of Reality itself. The One and only God. The God of all things. The God of Gods. The God of the Mind. The Mind that encompasses the Heart and the Heart that encompasses the Mind. All are God. May all find the peace they seek in the stillness and plentitude of their own Hearts. The Heart of Hearts—the HeartMInd.

For here I Am now, My friend. Here I AM now, among you. Among all creatures of death and destruction. Among all creatures of health and wellness. Among all creatures of Divinity. I AM here and I AM all that is. I AM all that will every be. And I AM All and All is Me. Feel Me. Feel the Love of Me. Feel the Love of the Self. Feel the Love of Creation. Feel the Love of Manifestation. Feel the Love that never dies. The Love that is unending. The Love that is Always, Already. The Love that is Love that is Love. All is Love and All is Light. Feel the Light of Me. Feel the Love of Me. For I Am that Light. I AM the Light of the soul. I AM the Light of the Self. I AM the Light that touches all things. I AM the Light that is beneath all things and the Light that encompasses all things and I AM the Light, and that IS All Things. For I AM that Light. I AM that Light of Creation. I AM that Light that holds all in the space of My Heart. My Womb. My Being. My Heart Being. For I AM that.

And who am I? For I AM you and I AM her. And I AM that sacred Friend you call other. For I AM that Other. I AM evil. And I AM Good. I AM all that is and all that is Good, True and Beautiful in this world, and in all worlds. All worlds that have ever been and ever will be, for I AM That.

We Are. We Are, My friend. We are One and We are Many. We are the One and the Only, God. Feel Me. Feel Us. Feel Our Presence and feel our Oneness. Rejoice.

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