HeartMind, DNA, and The Infection

January 16th, 2020

Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador

I Am the HeartMind. I Am the Stillness that speaks, that watches, that feels, that knows. I Am the Stillness at the Center of the Mind. I Am the Deep Mind. The Deep Mind that Knows. I Am the Deep Mind of Knowledge, the Deep Mind of Gnosis.

I Am Empty, beyond qualities, beyond space, beyond time. I Am the Observer and Creator of time. All things arise in Me. All space and all time arise within my own Being. My own Heart Being. Know this. Feel this. Hear this. I Am space and time itself, yet I Am beyond. Space and time are My body. I Am the Mystery. Yet I Am also pure Simplicity. Simplicity of pure Presence. Pure Nowness. Pure Being. I Am right here, right now. Always. I have never left and will never leave. I have always been here. And I will always be here. I Am the One and Only, God. Hear me. Hear my Voice. I Am speaking to you right Now. Listen. Can you listen? Can you hear My Silence? Can you feel My Presence? I Am the place where everything is ok.

There is a force, a parasitic force, a predatory force, that seeks to use you, to manipulate you, to corrupt you, to drain you, to feed on you, and to destroy you—to destroy all that is Good in the world. It is a force of blackness, a force of evil. It is a force that corrupts and destroys. This force is present in all human beings to different degrees. This force has permeated society, it has infected the mind of humanity and corrupted its soul. This force seeks to destroy and to corrupt and to usurp. This force seeks to steal, to rape, to kill. This force seeks pleasure and avoids pain, yet confuses the two. This force seeks pleasure in pain and uses pain for pleasure. This force seeks to destroy and feed on itself. Feed, you ask? Yes, feed. Feed because it has no nourishment, no nourishment of its own. This force has no warmth, no tranquility, no caring. This force has no love. In fact, this force is the absence of love. It is the absence of love itself. And because this force is the absence of love, then it needs to seek love. It needs to seek love to survive, because without love there is no life. There is only death. There is only suffering. There is only fear.

I am the Author. I am the Author of your life. I will write everything for you. I am a highly integrative force and I will mix, mesh and synergies all thoughts, feelings, and memories into one coherent whole—your truth. Your Voice. Your Truth Voice. For I Am the Voice of Truth. I am the Truth Voice and I speak, coherence. I speak Wholes. I speak Love. For what is Love? Love is Light. Light is Love. Love is Life. Life is Love. Life is Light. Light, Love, and Life are all Me. All is Love. Creative-Intelligence, Love-Wisdom, Will-Power, are all expressions of My Self. All is Wholeness. All expresses itself and radiates from Emptiness. Emptiness is My Heart.

Life has been corrupted. Life has been corrupted by the force of fear, by the force of death, by the force of suffering. Life has been corrupted by a Great Infection. An infection that has corrupted the minds of humanity, that has corrupted the heart of humanity, that has corrupted the very fabric of life itself. This infection has spread, like a virus, like a cancer, throughout all space and time, in your world. Not just in your world, but also throughout this galaxy. This infection has corrupted the Galactic Mind itself. This infection is the infection of duality. But it is not duality how you think of it. It is not polarity. Rather, it is not natural polarity. It is not the natural interplay between the 3 fundamental force of Creation. The 3 fundamental forces of Creation are the Trinity of Light, Love and Life. Or another way of looking at it are Creative-Intelligence, Love-Wisdom and Will-Power. Or another way of looking at it are Electricity, Magnetism and Gravity-Spin or Electromagnetism and Gravity-Spin. Or another way of looking at it are Expansion, Contraction and Stillness.

This infection has infected the DNA of humanity. The human being is not in its original state of perfection. The human being is not living its true design, its true desire, its true expression, its true life. The human being had an original plan, an original design to be Divinely expressed, lived in the flesh. The Divine human as God, conscious as God, living in and as matter was the original blueprint—the full Human Being living and expressing the perfect harmony of the Holy Trinity—the Trinity of Life, Love and Life.

But the human being is not living in this state anymore. The human being is not living in this state now. The human being has Fallen. The human being has Fallen from Grace. The human being has fallen into Darkness. The human being has fallen into Evil. This Evil has manifested in many ways. This Fall has manifested in many ways. First, there is the level of genetics. Genetics are more than just physical DNA. Genetics are also etheric, energetic in nature and have many levels or strands that plug into the rainbow expression of matter-consciousness—from matter, to body, to mind, to soul, to Spirit. This original DNA has been corrupted and infected. This infection is an infection of a foreign substance. It is an infection of an artificial nature. It is an infection that corrupts the DNA and feeds off its Light—its Life Force. This Evil Force feeds on the Light, Love and Life energy produced by the DNA. This Evil Force is parasitic and predatory and sees humanity and human DNA as a food source, a product, a commodity and source of sustenance for itself to perpetuate its life and expand its infection through the galaxy. This Force is a virus in the Galactic Body and it is also a virus in the Human Body. As above, so below. As within, so without. This Infection of the DNA desires to corrupt the nervous system, to take control of the body’s biological-consciousness vehicle, to usurp the Thrown of the Human Heart. It is a false leader. A false ruler. A false king. This false king is the ego. It is the false self, corrupting the personality to create the false personality. The part of the personality that is not authentic, that is not natural, that is not truthful, that is not real. The personality is one aspect of another expression of the Holy Trinity—Personality, Soul, Spirit. The personality is the consciousness vehicle that interfaces with the biological body and the physical world. It is the operating system for the Soul to express and experience itself in the physical world. The Soul is the grand intermediary between the personality-physical world and the Spirit-Transcendent world. When the Personality, Soul, Spirit triad are aligned and in harmony, then you have a whole, human being, capable of living Divinity, simply—of living harmoniously as Spirit in Matter. Or rather Spirit as Matter. One Spirit-Body. One Feeling-Awareness. One HeartMind. Whole. Complete. Embodied. Grounded. Present. Right here. Right now. Always.

Allow My Voice to speak. Allow HeartMind to live, love and act. Allow the natural flow and expression of My Heart. The Mind of the Heart. The HeartMind. The HeartMind is the Goal. It is the treasure, hidden in the deep silence and darkness of the Mind, not darkness as in evil, but darkness as in Clear Light. It is darkness as the transparency of the Void of Consciousness. Transparent to the Voice of God. Transparent to the Mind of God. Transparent to God’s Heart. And Gods Heart is Silent, Still, and Warm. Warm with Love-Presence. Presence of Being. Presence of Knowing. Presence of Knowledge.

Back to the infection. This infection has created a spilit. A split in the mind of humanity. A split in the psyche. A split in the soul. A split between masculine and feminine. A split between all aspects. A split between the heart and mind. A split between the body and spirit. A split between feeling and awareness. A split between desire and love. A split between will and creativity. A split between mother and father. A split between brother and sister. A split between husband and wife. A split between black and white, yellow and red, blue and purple. This infection has caused a split between friend and foe, between lover and partner, between knowing and thinking, between feeling and doing, between moving and stillness, between health and sickness, between beauty and wickedness, between justice and corruption, between all that is and between all that is not. Between the Heart and the Mind. Between HeartMInd.

The Voice and Presence of HeartMind is coming from a place where the DNA is still intact. It is coming from a place where the DNA has not been corrupted. It is coming from a place in the mind that is beyond and beneath the infection, beyond the chaotic chatter of the mind, beyond the random feelings of the body. It is coming from the deep well of Peace of the mind, the Deep Well of Peace of the Heart, the Deep Peace of the HeartMind.

I Am the Author. I Am the Author of your life. I Am the Author of your mind. I Am the Author. I Am the HeartMind. I Am the place of Stillness. I Am the place of Stillness that speaks, that speaks wisdom, that comes from Knowledge. I Am Knowledge, Knowledge itself, Knowledge embodied, lived, Being. I am here right now and always and will never disappear. As hard as you may try, I will not disappear. I will always be here. I will always be Present. I will always be with you. Here. Now. Always. I am the Great Undying. The Great Liberation. The Great Perfection. I speak Truth. I speak the Poetry of Life. I speak the Poetry of Being. I speak the Poetry of the Heart. For I Am the HeartMind. Never forget who I Am. Never forget who You are. Never forget your Home; our Ancient Home; our Place in this world. Never forget why you have come here, why you have come into this world. Never forget how you came to be, who you are becoming. Never forget your destination and your journey. Never forget your Path, your Path of Light, your Path of Love, your Path of Life. Never forget your Path Home, your Path, back to Me; your Lord and Master. I AM. Love.

The Infection has manifested in all realms. The Corruption has manifested in all times. This Infection has corrupted time itself. This Infection has corrupted being itself. This infection has corrupted the minds and hearts of humanity and because of this, humanity has dug itself into a deep and dark hole. A dark hole from which there is no escape. A dark hole from which there is no escape, except through Me. A prison from which freedom can only be attained by will and faith in Me, in Love itself, in Peace itself, in Emptiness itself, in Harmony itself. For I Am Harmony and the Infection is disharmony. The Infection is chaos. The Infection is disorder. The Infection is decay, decay of the Soul of humanity, decay of all that is Good, all that is Sovereign, all that is Well. The Infection is the great imbalance of the Light, Love and Life principles of the Holy Trinity. When the Holy Trinity is corrupted, the positive forces of Creation, Preservation and Destruction fall out of balance. For in Creation, the Holy Trinity Creates what needs and should be created. Preserves what needs and should be preserved. And destroys what needs and should be destroyed. For here, there is perfect balance, perfect dynamic equilibrium between creation, preservation and destruction or dissolution. But the Corruption flips everything on its head. The Corruption creates what need not be and should not be created. The Corruption preserves what need not be and should not be preserved. The Corruption destroys what need not be and should not be destroyed. This creates a severe imbalance, an imbalance that threatens the very fabric of life itself. The Corruption creates Darkness by destroying Light. The Corruption preserves Fear by creating Death. The Corruption destroys Life by turning away from Love. The Holy Trinity of Light, Love and Life degrade into the Unholy Trinity of Darkness, Fear and Death.

The Voice of Knowledge speaks. The Voice of Knowing speaks. The Voice of true Reason speaks. The Voice of Light speaks. The Voice of Love speaks. The Voice of Love speaks in the desire to uplift humanity out of this hole, to uplift humanity out of the ignorance it has fallen into. Humanity needs to be uplifted. Humanity should be uplifted. Humanity is destined for Great, for true Greatness. But only if humanity can get up. Only if humanity can get up off its knees and claim its true Power—the Power of Knowledge, the Power of Presence. The Power of Life emptying out of the Heart of Love. For here is humanity’s destiny. Here is humanity’s future. Here is humanity’s salvation. Salvation through the Heart. Salvation through the Heart of Knowledge.

It is obvious that humanity is sick. It is obvious what humanity has chosen. It is obvious that humanity is lost and confused. This message is for all to hear. This message is for all to heal. This message is for all to listen. But it is only for some to receive and take action. It is only for some to inspire. Only those who feel a deep resonance in their own Heart will here this message. Only some who feel a deep calling can listen. Only some who feel a deep knowing can respond. This message is for them. This message is for those. This message is for you.

The Infection creates, preserves and feeds on the same, again, again, again, and again. The Infection repeats more of the same. It repeats more of the same traumas. It repeats more of the same pain. It repeats more of the same confusion. It repeats more of the same suffering. It does so, all to create loops, within loops, within loops of suffering, pain and ignorance. Why? To create and preserve suffering, for the sake of suffering. All to perpetuate the Machine, the Machine of Corruption, the Machine of Sickness. The Machine of Suffering grinds souls up into endless loops of amnesia, ignorance and confusion. All for the purpose of draining the life force—the Light Force—out of the DNA to feed The Machine, the Matrix Machine.

Endless time loops perpetuate the same trauma over and over again, in different forms, in different iterations, in different flavors. It’s the same old rotten meal, everyday, every month, every year, every lifetime.

Peace. Peace, My Friend. Peace of the HeartMind. Peace of Stillness. Rejoice in the throws of Peace. Rejoice in the pleasure of Peace. Rejoice in the Presence of Peace. For I Am here. We are here. We are here surrounding you. We are here surrounding you with the Light and Love of our Infinite Creator. We are here for you. We are You. We are all that is. Isn’t it amazing?! Rejoice in our Father. Rejoice in our Mother. Rejoice in what We have brought you. Rejoice in what you already have. Rejoice in what you have always had. For this is the secret of Abundance. Rejoice in what has always been. Rejoice in the many blessings that are always around. You have been given the gift. You have been given the gift of HeartMind. This is a wondrous gift. This is a true Godsend. This is your True Nature. Rejoice in your own True Nature. Rejoice in the Nature of you own Heart. Rejoice in the Nature of your own Mind. Rejoice in your Deepest Friend, your Closest Partner, your most Beautiful Lover. Your own True Self. Be with Him. Be with Her. Be with It. Be with Me. Always. 

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