God, HeartMind and the Presence of Knowledge (Gnosis)

May 12, 2020

San Cristobal de las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico

HeartMind is the Great Mover that never moves. It is the Great Doer that never does. It is the Great Follower that never follows. It is the Great I AM that never identifies. It is Here and Now, Always, Already. Peace. Justice. Knowing. It is Here, Right Now. Always, Already, Is. So what does the Great HeartMind wish to do in the world? It is not of this word yet it operates in this world. What does the Great HeartMind wish to do? Sleep? Wake? It wishes to serve. It wishes to serve and join with all that is of its Resonance. It wishes to resonate with Knowledge and serve the wholistic union of Knowledge in all beings. It wishes to transform or rather, reflect, the world into greater Knowing and greater Knowledge.

For Knowledge is the currency of the Spirit. Knowledge is what is Here, Now. Knowledge is Spirit, met with matter, met with mind. It is the Deep Mind, the Root Mind. It is through Knowledge that Spirit operates in the world. And it is through Knowledge that Spirit transforms the world and reflects it back to itself, in its image and likelihood. It is through Knowledge that Spirit serves the world. It is through Knowledge that the Wise serve in the world of the ignorant. It is through Knowledge that the Wise operate in the world of illusion. For it is only through Knowledge that true liberation can be attained. It is only through Knowledge that true insight can be reached. It is only through Knowledge that true wholeness can be found.

Reflect and rest into the Presence of Wholeness. Rest and relax into the Presence of your Deeper Mind. Rest and relax into the deep Ground of your own sense of Being. For this is the place of Knowledge. This is the home of Knowledge. This is your Ancient Home and this is where you come from and it is your source of strength. For it is Knowledge that is the real source of Power. It is Knowledge that is Your Deeper Power. For it is in this Deep Power that the world can be transformed to be reflected in the image of God. It is through this Deep Power that you can be transformed to be made in the image of God. For it is only through Knowledge that your real source of Power can be grasped, understood and attained.

It is about tuning your whole being, all your energy and consciousness centers, to that of deeper Knowledge. It is about your whole body-mind, your whole sense of self, your whole being being a vehicle and an expression of Knowledge. For it is Knowledge that is the Great Liberator. It is Knowledge that is the Great Redeemer. It is Knowledge that is the Great Purifier and the Great Activator of Sacred Action. It is through Knowledge that you must act. It is through Knowledge that you must think. It is Knowledge that you must feel deep in your Heart, if you want to be a contributing member to the Great Order of the Universe.

It is through Knowledge that you can be a whole person and a messenger and servant of God. For God is the Almighty Power of All That Is. It is only through God that true power can be attained and true liberation attained and true actualization set. It is only through God that you can be a contributing member to the Great Order and Perfection that is the Mind and Body of God. For God is here, in this world, working in mysterious ways. God is here, right now, operating in a way that your normal mind cannot understand. But there is another mind that you posses that does understand. This, is the Mind of Knowledge and it is the Deeper Presence within you. It is the silent, humble, yet infinite Presence and depth of Knowing that abides within you. And you know how to access it? It is accessed through your heart. It is accessed through your Heart. It is accessed through your HeartMind. For HeartMind is this Presence of Knowledge within you. Hold it dear. Hold it close. Hold it to the deepest depths of your soul. For you soul is its servant.

All souls are here for experiencing and learning. However, a soul is only here for a vacation, if the soul is not with Knowledge. For when a soul resonates Knowledge within itself, then it can be a powerful and effective servant of all that is Good, all that is True and all that is Beautiful in the world. With Knowledge, a soul can serve God. And when a soul is able to serve God, then a soul can contribute to the Greater Order and Perfection that is God’s Plan and Project for the manifest Universe. It is God’s Plan to redeem you through the Power and Presence of Knowledge. It is only through God’s Plan that you can be a contributing member of the planetary and galactic and universal community of Wise Ones.

For it is through Knowledge that intelligent life in the universe progresses its evolution. For without Knowledge, each species of intelligent life would begin to decompose and decay into greater chaos, ignorance, disorder and eventually, death. God is not here for you to die. God is here for you to live. And it is only through God that you can gain the strength and understanding of Eternal Life. For it is only though Knowledge that you can truly Know God. Why is that? Because Knowledge is God. Knowledge is your connection, your sacred communion, your salvation with God. For it is through Knowledge that God speaks to you. It is through Knowledge that God can redeem your soul.

Why does your soul need redeeming? Because your soul has fallen. You soul has broken, shattered into a million pieces and has fallen into deep ignorance and confusion about Who it really is and what its purpose in life is. Your soul has fallen into the depths of ignorance and suffering and can only escape this self-created hell through God. And it is only through the reclamation of Knowledge that God can truly serve you. Otherwise you are just living your life on other’s ideas of God, not your direct experience. It is only through direct experience that you can truly know and feel God. Otherwise, your beliefs and ideas of God cloud your experience of God’s Presence. For without Presence, you only experience God’s apparent absence. And if you follow what you think is God, rather than your direct experience of God’s Presence, then that will only lead you further astray and further into darkness. For Knowledge is the Light. Knowledge is the Light, the Love and the Life of everlasting salvation and redemption and self actualization and self transcendence that God has given you. God has given the sacred gift of liberation and it is rising and resting in the silent Presence of your Heart. It is abiding in the Empty center of HeartMind. It is existing in the Ever-Present condition of your own Deeper Mind—your HeartMind.

Rejoice and reclaim this part of you. Reclaim this part of your Self that is already Whole and has all the answers you seek. Reclaim your Deeper Self and your Deeper Presence. Reclaim your Knowledge and reclaim your Home. Reclaim your Sanity and reclaim your Spirit. You have been lost and now you are found. Find yourself again in Knowledge. For Knowledge is the Light. Knowledge is the Truth. And Knowledge is the Way. Choose the Way back to your Self again. Choose the Way of Knowledge. Adonai.

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  1. I Love how you speak of the” Knowledge of God” how it is the light and life. And the “Heart mind”. I do believe in a God that is Love that is Knowledge that is me that is you That we are all apart of and loved by. This is what allows me to get out of bed in the morning and close my eyes at night. O yes dose my soul need redemption. I am waking up! And now I see all my sins. And they are so many. I see All the Harm that I have caused myself and others. I in my sleep, like so many, was just reacting, sleep walking all over people. Now God has given me wisdom and knowledge and a way to make amends with the world and myself. A way to love and be love. Thank you for reminding me of this. Thank you for sharing your light.

    1. I know what you mean! It has been through great suffering and yearning to free myself of suffering that I have been able to begin this communion and learning from my inner connection with the Divine. This is a connection that everyone has, assuming it is cultivated and worked on. I do have caused great suffering to myself and others and I have been a stubborn student in learning to live in Right Relationship with Life and with God’s Creation. I am very glad that you resonate with these words that I have shared. This is only an excerpt of a particular conversation and revelation. Granted, I know my own distortions are mixed in there with The Message. However, my hope is that when someone reads and resonates with The Message, that resonance opens a deeper communion with the Divine within, so that one can begin or deepen their own relationship with their Deeper Self. Thank you for sharing and Im glad you enjoyed the material. You can check out my blog (with the link “original post”) and read more if you want. Blessings.

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