PT. 1

1. Remember yourself!

Thats right! You’ve been living with amnesia for as long as you can remember. Your true self can only be remembered by being “no self.” The problem is we were made to forget our own completeness. The recognition that many are attempting to convey when they say “you are loved.” You must understand simply that love is the force that sustains all things. There is not one of us that is not loved. More importantly, we ARE love!

Now imagine, if we are made of the force that sustains everything, are we not by our very existence self sustaining? Ask yourself who has starved. You might say africans right? The homeless? So I ask you, what is it that they have forgotten? Is it not obvious? When you forget yourself, your life becomes forfeit to fear. Your body subject to aggressive force.

Everything derived from such a point is founded only in illusion and enforced only by fear. Your ideas and thoughts about yourself are the ego or false self. Everything you think and do is based on these illusions of ourselves. That is the reason why it is said to “be yourself” because the truth is, you havn’t been for a long time.

So what do you do when the illusions have overcome you and emotions are taking control of your life?

2. Be still. Relax. Breathe.

You are already complete and whole as you are! There is no lack! You overwhelm yourself with the illusions of your self. You say, “I don’t have money” or, “I’m not making money so I..”

STOP! Be still. Relax. Breathe.

Did god make money when he made you? Take hold of yourself! You are always taken care of! What others think of you does not matter. Their advice does not matter. Not even if you rely upon them for a place to live!

See that they are feeling pressure that they put on themselves because of their own illusions. They are governed by fear and if you do not feed into fear, they do not govern you! All they wish to see is your motivation. If they motivate you with their fears then the cycle continues and your fears become your reality.

If you provide your own motivation and are acting on it they will recognize this and leave you be. So be still. Relax. Breathe.

There is nothing to fear!

3. Meditation.

We’ve all been hearing it, but what’s it really about? Why should we sit around and concentrate on absolutely nothing? No self! If you are thinking, your thoughts are based on ego preservation. Thoughts beget beliefs and beliefs are in fact lies. Lies that we tell ourselves to perpetuate the facade of gnosis. True gnosis is the knowing. One can not know anything but what they are being.

To be still is to know stillness. To be no self is to know self! I understand that it is incredibly difficult to accept but we are primarily nothing at all. Our consciousness is merely an interaction between two complimentary forces; electricity and magnetism. These are the masculine and feminine principals. Just understand that being nothing does not mean non-existence.

The no-thing is the unmanifest. What is unmanifest is pure potentiality. It becomes a thing when it becomes manifest in maya which is the physical universe. You see we think and speak in terms based on physical “reality.” Everything beyond in the soul planes is pure gnosis. All communication is telepathic and rapid.

Know this, maya means illusion, so to be nothing is to be unmanifest and therefor removed from illusion. All that remains is your physical body while your consciousness resides beyond. This is what it is to awaken and become a christ.

4. Hatha Yoga.

Which simply means the discipline of what you consume. Not just food but also what you take in with your eyes. This concerns the what as well as the how much. Do you watch a lot of tv? Play a lot of video games? How much do you eat when you eat in a day?

As it turns out we dont need to eat nearly as much as we think. Ever notice that breakfast foods are chocked full of sugar? Thats because your body doesn’t need or even want breakfast without a bacteria like candida to signal to your brain for consumption upon waking up in the morning. They have to feed you a poison in order for you to eat more so that they can sell you more of their products.

The most proper amount of food is one single meal a day at high noon. Strictly followed, this guarantees that your body will be able to sustain kundalini and can not become diseased. If it is too difficult for you, you may eat just one more meal at sun down. One that is preferrably minimal. This at the least ensures the body remains disease and parasite free. If you can stick to one meal a day then you can basically eat anything you want for that meal so long as your body doean’t tell you not to.

5. sun gazing/bathing

The sun feeds and nourishes your body better than food! While you are in the sun you will not be very hungry if at all. It repairs your DNA and heals sickness and disease with ease! Believe it or not food is killing you! Digestion is death. Most people spend their lives eating theirselves to death. The sun provides everything you need but of course you have to spend more time in it! Btw, you don’t necessarily have to stare at it all the time. The pores of your skin are like eyes that are also taking in that energy.

In case you burn easily just realize that this is due to your diet. In order for your body to purge toxins, it spends A large portion of your energy moving them to your skin which then bind with the your natural bodily oils that would normally allow your skin and pores to breathe and is burned away in the sun. being toxin free means that oil will not burn and will keep your skin healthy! Being in the sun should feel wonderful and relaxing!

6. overcome emotion!

Thats what this guide is all about! Ultimately, the goal of these methods is to master emotion and harness the intellect. Emotions are built up illusions aka beliefs called karma that form a kind of debt or bias which must eventually be balanced. Contrary to popular belief, what you don’t know can in fact, and certainly does hurt you and your loved ones severely!

If you spend enough time incurring these debts, eventually karma comes to cash in. Remember that when energy is offered to you, that is pleasure. If you reciprocate that energy then that is peace but when energy is offered into ungrateful hands, THAT is pain.

Realize that when you are experiencing emotion, you are either in pain or are causing it in others. All from energy that was either misplaced by you or was given to you without your gratitude. This is actually the core of the narcissist vs empath phenomena. The fact is we are misplacing our energy or abusing it in others. The empaths know this but believe they can force their energy on the ungrateful and this should earn them pleasure and satisfaction, yet it is simply untrue or else would you not have it?

Forgiveness is the only way to heal. forgiveness is what the universe requires. Only then may we overcome emotion and attain peace!


PT. 2

Overcoming Emotion Through Meditation;

Before I start, let me suggest the reading material that helped me bring this knowledge together in my own mind after a decade long inner search which did produce all but the final piece of the puzzle.

Dr. Joe Dispenza – “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”


What I’m going to explain is a simplified version of that which is masterfully elaborated upon in Dr. Dispenza’s book.

In my previous article I essentially insinuated that meditation primarily serves the purpose of clearing away chitta, or in other words, mind chatter. Now, it needs to be stated that it is truly impossible to go completely blank. Such would require a complete lack of awareness and if theres anything that is obvious it’s that no sooner than you lose awareness of your physical dream, you begin to be aware of your “other” dream and that is not our goal in meditation. That would simply be “sleep.”

The real goal is to be able to “construct” a dream of your choosing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-6yqj6iNpDY). In order to do this you must actively discourage chitta and all the thoughts stemming from self hatred and self doubt. Easier said than done right? well, maybe not!

Start simple. Take the opportunity as often as possible to sit completely still and tune out all stimuli which so commonly fills every second of our daily lives (I mastered this while in jail where there is constant activity day and night and no possibility of hanging a “do not disturb” sign up). The first goal is peace of mind. The word peace is not likely going to be enough so let peace translate directly to complete relaxation. In the process of getting your body to completely relax you will be able to become aware of unconscious tension, and soon thereafter, the chitta. So naturally your first step is to practice asserting your will to relax (but not necessarily forcefully) until repitition has rewired your brain for relaxation. This is how you will begin the process of mastering your mind.

Your next step, once you have allowed (rather than forced) yourself to relax at will, is to begin constructing your dream. This process is quite easy, however, depending on your history of trauma, this is also where you will begin to “greet” your soul fragments in the form of negative and/or distractive thinking. Each time you attempt to visualize your dream, which is your desired life essentially, you will be faced with thought forms that attempt to direct you away from your goal. Much like in the first step, you are going to practice asserting your will over these old and tired “trauma programs” and in each moment that these thoughts arise, you may simply respond to them in similar manner as like; “no, this is my life, this is what i am choosing. I will no longer be deprived of my divine right to live my dreams. Thank you for baring my pain, I am ready to heal now.”

When you begin to experience the mental/emotional breakthroughs that this practice directly enables, in conjunction with the intentions you set by your dream visualization (be sure your dream is clear and your visualizations consistent), you WILL experience MIRACLES. That is the real magic in action!

You hear about it from time to time. People praying endlessly but nothing comes of it. Visualization coming to no avail. The problem was always ones inability to focus and remain focused. The elation you will feel when you succeed more and more to master your mind and be released from emotional baggage you’ve carried for far too long will directly translate to the manifestation of your dreams! All that baggage served as constant road blocks and diversions against a very natural process that is always taking place. It IS your divine right to live your dreams but trauma and illusory programming lead you into other, “lesser” dreams which might be better described as nightmares.

I will end this article with a very relevant joke so as to avoid a certain problem that can potentially arise;

“one day a man was drowing and a boat showed up and someone on board asked if the drowning man needed help. The drowning man responded, ‘no thanks, god will save me’ and so the boat moved on and then another boat arrived soon after and once again the drowning man was offered help to which again the man declined stating, ‘no thanks, god will save me’ and so the boat moved on and the man then drowned and as he appeared before god he asked god, ‘why didn’t you save me’ to which god replied, ‘I sent you two big boats dummy!”

Suffice it to say, your miracles may come in the form of a “big boat” and when it does, GET ON. Don’t fall victim to the idea that what you imagine MUST happen the way you picture it!


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