Buzz Aldrin – Antartica.

 Some years ago (5?) a group of people from the US visited Antartica, including Buzz Aldrin. He fell ill for some reason … and needed medical attention. – When the group came back, there was a press conferance in the white house, with a seremony of some sorts. 

And the look on Buzz Aldrins face… Anyone else remember this? 

Anyways. A book recomendation on our southernmost kontinent, Antartica: “Atlantis Found”; written by Clive Cussler. 1999. ISBN 82-590-2574-4. 

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  1. That Clive Cussler book?
    Atlantis Found ..?

    Here is the short list of clues as to why this is a true gem of an outing (it’ not t h a t secret info) for the lucky few – in public. :
    – The forth reich.
    The very first headscratching theme at the beginning (my personal favourite..) :
    The mysterious chamber in the mountain in South America – with no enterances, and more.
    (The usual trouble and brilliant writing in this book)
    The Antartica action mm.
    The take two for the ever so accurate fiction on the Forth reich (translate to whoever here)
    The end of the world doom and gloom killem all plan / doomsday …
    The whatsthat ships (doomsday eww)
    … and from here it just becomes too much of a spoiler, sorry !
    Lets save the Atlantis part for another day.
    Still one of my favorite books.
    And the details, even down to the “what happens at minus 50 degrees below zero dgr Celcius – I just, like: How many trips down there did this dude have?

  2. Apperently Buzz posted on social media shortly after visiting that what was going on in Antartica is Evil. He may have posted also an image of a mountain that looked like a pyramid. These social media posts were taken down by Handlers or by Buzz himself. This is something I heard about, so there must be many who have also heard he warned people on social media about something Evil.

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