Unplugged from the Matrix | 20.3.2022

Here I felt that I am in a presence of negatively oriented entities.

I felt that in the back of my head, a growing pain that starts slow, and increased until I felt a strong pain. If you have seen the movie “The Matrix” when Neo was plugged with a metal pipe to the back of his head.

The pain was strong, and in there I said: “It’s time to quit the spiritual shit”, and I screamed: “Arianne!”

Then the pain stopped.

I felt like that was an attempt to hack into my subconsciousness part, my Akash records.

At that moment, I took 2 courses of action:

1. My 4th density self-stepped outside my body, which was laying inside a cocoon

shell. I have unplugged myself from the False Matrix. It was a hall full of cocoons.

I said: “Get up, you are free. Get out of here!”

2. I tracked the ship, chamber in which the control came from. This time I used the heart.

Chakra. I said: “With love and light of the one infinite creator” X3 times.

My body lifted into the air, head tilted back, and a beam of light went straight into the

Ship center command. I heard noises in a language I didn’t recognize, stress.

The ship has blown into tiny particles of lights. Game Over.

I repeated the chant 3 more times to land down.

As the final attempt from the Orion’s failed, I did warn them that next time I won’t be nice, and no more warning will be given. I kept my promise.

Arianne helped me here, I activated the defense light bridge + The 12 rays of pentagram so that I can sleep well.

The incident took place between Midnight, and 01:30 am on Sunday 20.3.2022. 

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