Jesus death and the Law of One

After watching the “Mary Magdalene” movie on Netflix, I was drawn to re-read some of the Ra materials, in particular regarding the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

What I liked about this movie, it quite clearly demonstrated the reason of Judas’ betrayal – just like it was explained by Ra:

“This entity, Judas, felt that, if pushed into a corner, the entity you call Jesus would then be able to see the wisdom of using the power of intelligent infinity in order to rule others. The one you call Judas was mistaken in this estimation of the reaction of the entity, Jesus, whose teach/learning was not oriented towards this distortion. This resulted in the destruction of the bodily complex of the one known as Jesus to you.” (17.17)

But what I was actually looking for, when re-reading these materials, is something that explains the reason behind Jesus intentional choice of early death through martyrdom. He definitely knew what was awaiting him in Jerusalem and “could also have, when the hour came, walked another path. Its incarnation would then have been prolonged” (84.4). So my question was: what was the true reason of Jesus choosing martyrdom? Is it what the church says about it or was his motivation different? He must have sacrificed his life for something really important, but what if his message was distorted by the structures of power just like many other truths?

So far the Law of One answered a lot of my questions, not only making sense in every area of my research, but also resonating with me on the deeper level. So, I’m going to refer this material in order to find information regarding the life and message of Jesus of Nazareth.

Ra says that Jesus was incarnated as a Wanderer from the 4th density, but more importantly, from the highest sub-octave of the vibration of love (love and compassion is the “curriculum” of 4th density). So, he was basically graduating from his density and decided to incarnate in 3D in order to demonstrate the purest and highest level of vibration of love – the “graduation level” at his density. He “was desirous of entering this planetary sphere in order to share the love vibration in as pure a manner as possible” (17.11).

Also, the quality of 4th density love that Jesus was demonstrating at the end of his life can be termed as “Love without Wisdom” (lessons of Wisdom is the “curriculum” of the next 5th density):

“When the entity Jehoshua decided to return to the location called Jerusalem for the holy days of its people    it turned from work mixing love and wisdom and embraced martyrdom which is the work of love without wisdom.” (75.14)

“This entity incarnated with the plan of martyrdom. There is no wisdom in this plan but rather understanding and compassion extended to its fullest perfection.” (84.4)

Using an analogy, this type of incarnation can be compared with a 3rd density being (human) going to the 2nd density world (jungle, for example) in order to fully offer himself (including his life) for serving the 2nd density beings (plants and animals) without any means for self-protection against predators: “This entity was to be defended by its friends. The entity reminded its friends to put away the sword. This entity then delivered itself to be put to the physical death” (33.11). So it’s quite evident that this plan of martyrdom had no wisdom, so why to perform it?

It’s important to notice that Ra made a special effort to explain the true meaning of martyrdom, saying that the term “martyr is reserved for those who lay down their lives for the service they may provide to others.” (84.4)

As we know, Ra doesn’t waste a single word when answering questions, so putting additional focus on explaining the meaning of martyrdom should definitely have an important purpose. Which is not difficult to discover if we find classic Christian explanation of this term: “martyr is someone who died for their faith” (see Wikipedia for more details).

Doesn’t this deviation provide a completely different view on the reason behind Jesus choice of martyrdom? Instead of seeing the martyrdom as an act of 100% service-to-others (laying down one’s own life for the service to others, as Ra termed it), the Christian church is glorifying martyrdom as a proof of having strong faith, therefore justifying and promoting death based on the conflict between different belief systems. Isn’t it an interesting divergence? Such a definition of martyrdom (as a death for faith) is indirect, but still powerful motivation for religious wars, persecution of heretics (or any opposition to the governing policy), witch-hunts, jihads, discrimination and dividing of the society.

Also, what should look interesting is that Romans, after violently murdering a troublesome local teacher (from a different culture and in a foreign land), they took his teaching, brought it to their own land and culture, edited it to suit their needs and they have been pushing this modified ideology on the wider population of Earth for hundreds of years.

What did the Roman church find in the life of Jesus of Nazareth that could suit the purpose of this powerful and wealthy structure that was trying to establish and secure its dominance over vast foreign territories?.. Again, it’s an image of martyrdom, but from the additional invented angle: picturing a super-human dying “for forgiveness of our sins” and stating that he “gave Himself for our sins so that He might rescue us from this present evil age” [Bible/Galatians 1:4].

These days it’s not so difficult to see the purpose of cultivating such idea by any controlling structure that needs its subjects to feel sinful/guilty and small, but mainly powerless and passive. Here we see a clear attempt to switch our attention from doing our own inner-work and transforming our lives by ourselves to the false belief that someone else (who is much greater and more capable than us) will do it for us. This type of programming creates one of the major obstacles for a majority of believers on their way to making a change within themselves and in their lives: they prefer to wait for someone else (or for better circumstances) to do this work, justifying their passiveness by pre-programmed naïve statement that “their faith alone will save them”.

Also, speaking about the Roman church’s choice of promoting Jesus fate, it’s useful to notice that there is a subtle programming in demonstrating the image of very powerful miracle-maker being tortured and dying on the cross of his own volition. It gives a deceitful message of virtuous obedience, when avoiding the usage of own power for resisting authorities is considered honourable, so that we should feel “more spiritual” when letting the structures of power to take control over our lives, even to the point of killing us. It’s typical Machiavellian approach that Roman church used when decided to use the image of dying Jesus for its own advantage.

But the biggest part of Jesus work on Earth – his real-life examples of “sharing the love vibration in as pure a manner as possible” that he was demonstrating during his lifetime – this information is quite scarce: all we know are some stories that were edited by the church and some parables that still need to be decoded (this is one of the examples of available information: “This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you. Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.” – Bible/John 12:14). Though what’s really well-known and accentuated by the church is his death, to such a degree that Jesus and the death on cross became almost synonymous.

But still, can we find the true message that the death of this 4th density wanderer-teacher is implying?

Well, it’s possible, but just like Judas who wasn’t able to understand why Jesus didn’t use his “super-powers”, we often find ourselves in the same position when looking at the image of this powerful enlightened human being on the cross because of his own choice.

The reason for this confusion is that his act of self-sacrifice is intentionally misinterpreted by the church. But in reality he didn’t die for our sins or to save us or for his faith (in the way the church understands it). The main purpose of his life was to provide us with an example of the purest form of love; and usually when such an act of giving is undertaken in the 3rd density world, it leads to the early loss of life of the giver. This is how it works in the world where not everyone is vibrating at the pure frequency of Love. Jesus knew that, but he had chosen to perform his life’s mission anyway. This is what Ra calls “martyr” – people “who lay down their lives for the service they may provide to others”. Death through martyrdom was the price he had to pay for providing this specific kind of service (of sharing the purest vibration of love) in this 3D reality.

So, the question about why Jesus had chosen death through martyrdom is answered: he incarnated to demonstrate the purest vibration of Love; and facing early death was very unfortunate but the only possible outcome (or deadly side-effect, so to speak) of performing this task of his incarnation. So, he had to agree to that. But there is another question that seems logical to pose, because the idea of demonstrating “love without wisdom” may seem unpractical since it always leads to an untimely death in this reality.

Everyone may find their own sub-message in this act, but I’ll point only to the main idea. Why do we need to know what is the purest form of love?

The answer is simple: to have a benchmark, a distant goal or at least a general direction to follow when on the daily basis we are choosing our way towards the graduation from the 3rd density. The requirement is to be at least 51% of Service-to-Others (STO) – we know it theoretically from the Law of One, but what does it mean practically or what does the 100% STO look like?

Let’s use an analogy. For example, in order to pass a graduation exam in the arts school, a student needs to paint a picture in light colours: where the overall tone of the painting should contain at least 51% of the white paint (yes, this is my symbolic reference to the 51% Service-to-Others polarisation that’s necessary for the graduation from 3D). It’s quite logical to assume that for performing this task, the student needs to know the standards – the purest grade of white colour, so that he can adjust the colours of his painting based on this benchmark, trying to be as close to this level of lightness as the design of his painting allows, but minimum at the 51% lightness mark.

That was Jesus mission – to show us the purest “colour” (vibrational frequency) of Love, so that we can adjust our own vibration of love accordingly. And this kind of adjustments are to be done on a daily basis. Those lucky people who observed Jesus’ life as an expression of the purest vibration of love had this great example right in front of their eyes, they witnessed this vibration in action (that’s the origin of the religious term “witness”). Perhaps his companions were supposed to bring this information forward, but unfortunately it didn’t reach us in the form of a clear picture.

Though what’s clearly known is that this demonstration of pure vibration of Love prematurely ended the incarnation of this 4th density Wanderer. Which is not the intended message of his life: in our attempts to follow his example we don’t have to consent to the same fate, because in order to graduate from 3rd density we are not supposed to “paint everything in pure white colour” (as he did for the purpose of teaching). 

We just need to be most of the time and in the most of our decisions (51%, symbolically speaking) on the side of Love and service to others (at the “51% lightness level”). It implies that most of the time we will be sacrificing a significant part of our life for helping others, i.e. giving up our comfort / convenience / time / energy / wealth / pleasure / habits /etc… and it makes us all, who follow this path of ascension, martyrs to a certain degree (if we perform our mission with love and for the sake of Love).

Author © Margarita (@Rita.Lev), 2022

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  1. First of all, in the 1st Century and before, there was no city in Galilee called NAZARETH, there was in the 3rd century when Roman troops constructed a temple to Mariam, the mother of Jesus, near a water well they had been told Mariam was said to have drawn water from centuries earlier. These Romans scoured Galilee as ordered by the Empress Helena (mother of Constantine 1st) to find the town and build the temple – they found none. The rabbi Yeshua bar Yosef was called ‘Yeshua the Nazarene’ because he was an Essene priest of the Nazarene order. Rome was extremely fearful of the Essenes, the third largest Jewish sect, to the degree that forbid any reference or mention of them in the New Testament, including their priestly order of the Nazarenes.
    Secondly, what eventually went into Rome’s New Testament were only those books or parts of books that fit the emperor’s vision of what would be good for Rome. Initially Constantine himself presided over the conference, held in his palace in Nicaea in 325 CE. Their inventions and mythology were ever and always intended to serve Rome. Throughout the period of Roman history (300 BCE to 300 CE) you will not find reference to a Roman leader deferring judgement of one of their prisoners to a crowd. This was strictly against Roman law and policy – for to the Romans only a Roman is capable of dispensing justice, a Roman leader that overlooked this “truth” could himself be imprisoned. And the reason Rome required that any of their temples/churches must have their deity hung on a cross. It wasn’t about self-sacrifice, it was about the power of Rome – so powerful they could even crucify their own God. The true good news is that not so far down the road ahead, most will have access to the Akashic memory of Gaia, of which most Christian’s will discover most of their central beliefs are no more than myths.

  2. Hi there. I agree with you on many points. I am a martyr myself; we choose not to obsess over the way we died because it does not serve us. I always say, Jesus did not die for anyone’s sins, he died because of their sins; i.e. they did not know or understand the true God.

    The church has much repentance to do. They have used many things for their financial gain. Much love to you!

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I grew up going to church to learn God’s teachings from what the pastor understood. I never felt like i had all the pieces to complete the huge puzzle of life and purpose. I began reading about other religions in this world, i came to realize a theme or an overall conclusion that there was a bigger message. I came across the law of one during a conversation with a very close friend. I discovered the missing puzzle pieces i’d been seeking and soon realized i already had a few but needed to simply turn it or flip it to fill the hole in my puzzle. I have enjoyed this spiritual journey so far and am excited to see what happens next. As within, so, without.

    1. Michele, it very nice! Thank you for sharing this!… I had similar experience with studying the Law of One – it answered a lot of my questions and also it helped me to understand more clearly the pieces of puzzle that were coming through my dreams (if I didn’t have this experience of being taught the Law of One on the astral plane, I would probably be very reluctant to read channeled material, but it worked out perfectly this way 🙂 )

  4. Jesus said in the pre-gospel of Tatian that no sacrifice of blood will die of responsibility for sins [for karma], what will be sown, you need to collect 🙂 And if he said so, it means that he was not killed as a sacrifice for sins 🙂 The canonical Gospels are full contradictions, and the letters of the apostles show that they did not understand much of the teachings of the Messiah. 🙂 Unconditional and selfless love. This sentence is all about the Source teaching that Jesus presented. End of period. 🙂

    1. Angela, I have to agree that not many people who followed Jesus were actually understanding the essence of his teaching. If we look at the modern time, then the example of our contemporaries clearly demonstrates that people are mostly attracted to the sensational type of stuff (like the miracles of healing that Jesus was performing) or to the promise of “kingdom of God” immediately coming to Earth (new-age promise of 5D) 🙂
      So, I suspect that just a few of his followers were really getting the message of doing their inner-work in order to create the kingdom of god in their own hearts. And if some of them actually wrote about it, then the church either ignored this information or deliberately edited it out… who knows…
      But Ra says interesting phrase about Jesus’s method of choosing his disciples: “What is the purpose of teach/learning if there be no learn/teachers? Those drawn to this entity were accepted by this entity without regard for any outcome.”

    2. I found great comfort and understanding about Jesus, in the Urantia Book. It tells us that Jesus did not come here to die a death that was required by the Supreme Creator Father, but that His death was a result of His teachings, of the simplicity of forgiveness. All we had to do is ask in sincerity, and the Father was Loving, kind and gracious to forgive us. The priests labeled Jesus as a heretic and wanted Him killed for His opposition to their teachings. Especially that of blood sacrifice of animals. The disciples hung on to that, and transferred it on to Jesus, as Jesus being the final blood sacrifice.

      Jesus never taught that, but the writers of the ancient text, made the Gospel about the death burial and resurrection of Jesus. When in fact the Gospel that Jesus came to bring, was that we are all children of the Supreme Creator Father, and brothers and sisters to one another, and that we are to do the Father’s will, which is to love with unconditional, selfless love, through service to one another. The Kingdom dwells within each of us, as a part of the Father that is placed within each of us from birth. All we have to do is acknowledge His presents, and accept His guidance, when we learn to hear Him, in our prayer and meditation.

      Jesus did show us through His resurrection, the path that we will take, at the dissolution of the mortal body. We will attain new bodies, and continue our journey of learning and discovery on the Mansion worlds, on our way to the Father. We will over time, become more like the Father, until we reach perfection.
      Very few, if any, while influenced by the Christian religions, will ever come to accept this. But it is very freeing and gives so much hope.
      Thank you Angela for sharing your thoughts.

      1. Jesus taught [perhaps I repeat myself] “that no sacrifice of the blood of animals, birds or man will die of the guilt for karma [sin]. Whether and how the guilt for the shedding of innocent blood can be wiped out. On the contrary, the guilt will deepen even more.” If he said such sentences, why do you think he is hanging from a tree? Would he let himself be killed after these words to twist his own science? Probably not, right? Jesus taught not only about unconditional love and forgiveness, HIS teaching is directed to the spirits. God is a spirit, he said to the Samaritan woman, obviously speaking of the Creator, not the Hebrew idol, and he is looking for such followers. That is, the spirits awakened in people and the people resonating with the spirits. Humans are not pilgrims, the Eternals are pilgrims. “I am a wanderer and I constantly change my whereabouts, I keep changing the house in which I live until I reach the city and the house that are Eternal.” Book of Job.
        Jesus gave the knowledge of the multinationals, of loving and not eating animal flesh because they are also spirit bearers, and of unconditional love. He directed the teaching to the spirits, “The spirit gives life, the body is of no use.” So many books have been written and each of them is modeled on the canonical gospels. Why? Because people have myths embedded in their heads, not facts. But it’s also good, because the TRUTH can only come out when all myths lie at its feet. And believe it or not, the Truth can handle it, and you know why? Because it is Eternal, it does not die, it cannot be buried and it is like oil, it always flows to the surface 🙂
        I know the Creator [as Eternal] and I know what the guidelines are, and every Eternal knows it. Although most will not say it outright, there are those who have it as a goal, but people do not hear them, because they have their own voices in their heads, they do not listen to wisdom, they only look for obstacles, because people love to create problems, live in spirit – simple and unconditional is too big a challenge for them. I was born as a different child, that’s what my relatives called me, a strange child. I know many people with similar childhoods. My earthly childbirth – in life – said that I should pay him for allowing me to incarnate in his child. 🙂 His spirit is my guardian, but his body was a rebel despising the teachings of Jesus “stop telling me about him, I hate him” – he used to say 🙂
        He had a post-war defect, a lack of understanding why the Creator does not interfere in human life and does not stop the atrocities committed by people. It’s not really a secret. Because he’s not human, that’s why. Contrary to people, the Source of life and love is a fully tolerant and understanding Being and does not deprive ANYONE of the right to free will, and his Eternal children – the right to choose. He instituted karma so that both the Eternal and the conscious incarnations would be clear that justice is awake, not sleeping and not forgetting. Human law is unreliable and adds nothing, is usually brutal and teaches nothing. Karma is intelligent.In order to understand Jesus’ teaching, one must become HIM interiorly. Let yourself be absorbed in love and stop looking at people from the perspective of the EGO that loves to label others saying that people are this or that. Everyone has the right to free will, even the murderer and the victim. Explaining to people why something is happening and how to avoid such situations is the teaching of the Eternal Masters, but not for 3D people. Even 4D. And entering 5D at hock with 3D is NOT POSSIBLE. Without unconditional love as a passport, nothing will allow you to cross your portal to 4D. And you can’t skip the class. Another human transformation takes place in 4D. He can choose the dark side of life and draw energy from the lower planes or develop spiritually and enter Nirvana, up to 5D. It is only in 5D that the collective of unity harmony and response appears. 🙂 Now for people the most important thing is to turn water into wine, that is Ego into love. Only when the ego connects with the heart will it be possible to transform DNA and enter the higher class of 4D 🙂
        We are lucky because we live in interesting times 🙂
        Before the appearance of the singularity about which the tales prophesy. Micron, as scientists say. Even in the caninical letters of the apostles it is mentioned: “And like a thief in the night that day will come, in which the heavens will pass away with a great roar, the elements burning with fire will melt, and the earth and the works that are on it will burn up.”
        This event will be a catalyst that will open a mega-portal to 4D where the chosen ones are already waiting for those who have found their way there in the meantime. Corey writes a lot about them in the exopolitic content issue And there is also an explanation of what makes you exit this event unscathed 🙂 Best regards

    3. It’s always good to see feedback and people sharing their views. Thank you for that. Please also keep in mind that this article is written from the perspective of the Law of One, so it may or may not resonate with other teachings. I always highly recommend reading the Law of One, because it gives clarity and understanding of the core issues related with spirituality, ascension, healing, cosmology, history of Earth etc. But the language of the Law of One is not easy for everyone to comprehend and of course, many people are not ready for this information as well. So, please use your own discernment when looking for the source of your information and especially when using it in your teach/learning experience…
      Love and blessings to all!

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