Decoding Repeating Numbers

When you start seeing repeating numbers in your waking life – what does it mean?

«In terms of repeating numbers, it is interesting to know what number is being repeated. Sometimes, there is no meaning to the repetition except as a wake-up call. If it is 11:11 when you have just thought a certain thought, if you look up and see that number, it is as though the creation were saying to you, “What did you just think? That was an interesting thought. Pay attention to that thought.”

In other cases, the number does have significance. Eleven, for instance, is a master number, so-called by this instrument and by the numerology books that she has read in the past. Therefore, if you are seeing 11:11 frequently, you are actually seeing a master number repeated, indicating that transformation is at hand. If you see 12:12 repeated, the energy of that number is an energy of completion. You may look further for yourself at the various numbers, one through nine and zero as well, to investigate this line of thinking further.

However, the most likely meaning of repeated numbers for entities who notice these things is that synchronicity from spirit that simply says, “Pay attention to your thoughts.”» – Q’uo 

In addition to this brilliant quote from Q’uo*, I’d like to say that besides the general idea of paying attention to your thoughts (when you see repeating numbers), there is a more specific approach. Depending on your associations or your knowledge of particular numbers, the message from the Universe (from your Higher Self, your guides etc.) can be more specific.

In this case it would be useful to ask a question: “What does this particular number mean for me, personally? Do I know something about this number?” The answer will be different for different seekers.

For some, numbers may be associated with the system of chakras in the human body. In this case, seeing the numeric pattern “4:44” can mean “Activate/open your heart”. For others, numbers can be related with the system of Archetypes (illustrated by tarot). For example, seeing the repetitive number “22:22” may indicate that the seeker is at the point of making a Choice, perhaps an important one, since his guidance system is trying to draw his attention to that.

There are people who use various dictionaries from the internet for interpreting numbers. If you have no other way to decode your own symbolism and you have to rely on someone else’s opinion, then you can do your guides at least one big favor: stay with only one dictionary of your choice, so that your guides can use this particular vocabulary for delivering meaningful messages (otherwise, when mixing various meanings for one symbol, the message will be impossible to decode clearly and unambiguously).

Author © Margarita (@Rita.Lev)

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*Q’uo is the source channelled by L/L Research; it consists of 4th, 5th and 6th density beings: Hatton, Latwii and Ra.

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