How is YOUR Rollercoaster Ride?

Good Evening/Morning where ever you are!  It’s 3:38am, and I’m just getting home. My name is Jann.  I joined 3 days ago and wanted to post.  About me… just another Florida Tourist living down here.  I am Intuitive; I am a Reader, Instructor, Healer.  Im also a Blues Singer, record and write music.  Soo that’s me… yadayada.. So are you enjoying the frequencies knocking you off your feet?  First – it’s time to GIVE TO YOU!  I thought i’d share some things that can help you that have helped me because with the Frequencies increasing it’s getting challenging.  The first thing i can suggest is you work on your Grounding!  Yes, this simple tool of connecting you to the planet does help.  But you can have some fun with it.  You can Ground your car (keeps other cars away from you), Ground your house (keeps it safe), and Ground other people (THATS fun!).  It helps with the line of communication between you and another.  Thanks to Corey’s programs, you can catch them on Youtube, and you can find music with Frequencies.  I have the Frequencies playing when i can in my house.  I made a CD of 528 hz i carry in my car which keeps me calm and i have clarity.  You can even find one that clears negativity.  The other thing i have been doing is Meditating more, and working on ending Karmic contracts between me and select people.  If your interested, look up Delores Cannon and you can learn a very simple technique.  It works!!    I’ve been having fun with Manifesting and doing the 3-6-9 Tesla technique.  All i can say is start out with a small list as it’s easy to grow to 3 pages.  It puts your mindset into Gratitude mode, which opens up for more things to come to you.  Ex:  I thank you for Blessing my family with an abundance of love, health and wealth NOW.  It’s important to put it in present tense.    So have fun.  Try these techniques and I hope they help you.  Let me know how you do.  Namaste’

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