Signs and Wonders

I have many pictures and videos of colorful and varied sized orbs indoors but I have very few outdoor pictures.  In early March I began to request in meditation and in dialog with my guides, that if it was safe and would serve the Highest Good if I might have a sighting outside as a confirmation of the current personal work I am doing.  On March 10th they obliged.  The sun is to the left and of course there is a green lens flare.  This remained in the sky for several minutes but was not moving.  I had time to grab my phone and take several shots and a video. Its vanished quickly leaving just a mist behind.  

This year my health is much improved and I am making great leaps and bounds with my inner work and spiritual practices.  I was able to join an “experiencers” anonymous type group in January and have found many commonalities with other experiencers. This sighting I feel is validation of that as well as I have made progress putting the pieces of early childhood memory together. Of course the inner work has now become a habit.  For more of my story is you can find it at

I am grateful to have this community and platform. 🙂

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  1. Just guessing here. Space junk? We had some turn up on our beaches downunder. I looked it up and America has been asked to clear their mess up. Maybe we should ask Elon to pay a clean up tax.

    1. Yes, thank you, there is a lens flare…I’m talking about the ball of light beneath that, appears to have a tail on it…the sun is off further to the left. Also the picture doesn’t do it justice compared to what I could actually see. I appreciated it hanging out long enough for this shot. 😉

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