Our Sun and Ascension

The solar activity we experience on our planet “Earth” nurtures us and allows life to flourish.  But on a much deeper level the solar cycles change our DNA and “naturally” help guide us and cosmically align our spirit and soul to evolve as naturally as possible.  Too much interference with the solar cycles by those of a darker alignment is not only detrimental to those wanting to ascend to light being status naturally but is causing a karmic imbalance that is directly opposite of how we should transition.  Much forgiveness to those that have not awakened but of those who deliberately interfere with the ascension process because of their negative attachments, patience is running very thin.  I hold deep reverence for those who continue on these missions for I am one.  Please remember to be kind to each other and give permission for mistakes to happen but learn from those mistakes and allow the light to change and heal.  Blessings.

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