50 closest star systems to earth.

Have you ever given much thought to the physical homeland of Micca and Emmi? I’ve come to believe that they are among the planets and moons of the 52 closest star systems nearest our Sun. My intuition tells me that the Blue Avians, the Blue Sphere Beings and the Golden Triangle Headed Beings reside even closer to the galactic center in regard to a physical as well as spiritual and vibrational location. (All this in terms of how we third/fourth density beings would view this).

My intuition also makes me feel that the two new Guardian Beings (as yet un-described) would be of the same vibratory signature as the now phased out trio of Guardians Corey has made known to us. Perhaps like the Golden Being, described by Corey as Ninth Density and thus in the next highest octave, these newest Guardians will give energetically more sophisticated assistance and guidance. It seems that the positive polarity we are approaching for Earths and the Solar Systems introduction to Fourth Density has almost arrived.

Micca is described as Fourth Density, Emmi as Fifth Density, the Blue Avians as Sixth. Speculation would make me believe that the Blue Spheres to be sixth as well, however I’m also speculating that all of the 53 star clusters are now or nearly all fourth, fifth and above, with or system described as the last of two systems to make the transition.

This link is to a science article about the 50 closest star systems. I almost laugh when I read they believe it would take “tens of thousands of years to reach the nearest star in the system, Proxima Centauri. Even at the speed of light, the trip would still take more than four years.” This may also make Micca smile and shake his head in disbelief at the “science” of Earth and the stories we’ve been fed.


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