L’Egalite. – Meanwhile, in Paris ..     

After more than a year of rising living-costs, 6 months of war, a summer with too many temperature records broken, longlasting heatwaves and numerous wildfires/forrestfires… Now, in mid October, the cost just for the most basic expences, are way too high. 

Too many ordinary people, even most people of the socalled middle class, are realizing they just can’t pay.

So … This Sunday (October 16 2022) the people of Paris, in France, took to the streets.


Not on a Saturday, like on the numerous Yellow West protests, but on a Sunday.

How long will this rise in prices continue?

For how many more months on end – before we learn?

Before we, the big majority of people, come together and start cooperating, working together, to change our society to something better..?

Winter is coming. 

Can you still pay all of your bills – and still buy food? Transport, medicine, the doctor; if you or someone else in your houshold get sick? The travel at Christmas; to gather with family / loved ones? 

And then the very next week: New-years?  


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