~Author (Rita Lev), researcher, counsellor, Dream Yoga adept and student of Ra~ www.facebook.com/rita.lev.author ~Being an expat, I live in New Zealand, close to Nature, planting fruit trees and creating a resilient community~ ~I'm healthy lifestyle advocate and thriving on raw plant-based food (mostly fruits) for more than 6 years now; my raw food creations and recipes can be found on Instagram: www.instagram.com/margarita.aotearaw/ ~Spiritual growth, self-improvement, transformation, self-healing and service-to-others are the main goals of my work and inspiration~ ~My published books (in Russian) under pseudonym Rita Lev: "Language of Dreams. Bridge to the Unknown" [ISBN 978-5-0051-3355-7], "Nature of Fear. Removing energetic blockages in the body" [ISBN 978-5-4496-4803-7] and a book of poems. More information about my work, articles, videos are on the websites: " class="htmllink">aoteara.com/<16> <19>" class="htmllink">ritalev.com/<18><19>