Diet and Transhumanism | My life on the raw food

By the age of 45 I came to the point when physical living turned into existence that included struggle at every step. Starting from struggle of getting up in the morning, every physical activity required substantial use of willpower because I felt tired all the time from morning till night. In addition to this permanent fatigue I had a range of physical ailments that were quite obvious by themselves (and if I went to the doctors, they would definitely find some serious stuff, but I didn’t go because of my disbelieve in healing abilities of conventional medical treatments).

I’ve heard about the raw food diet (and about the miracles that it does) from the first hand experiences of my family members, so in January 2016 I tried to spend one whole day purely on the raw vegan food and since then I didn’t switch back. The day I’ve chosen for my experiment included a long ride and then a boat trip to a distant island with different activities on the beach – something that would normally leave me lifeless by the end of the day. But this time it was different – when we returned home, I wasn’t tired and I actually had extra energy to unpack, clean and even to take an evening walk!

Witnessing such tremendous difference in quality of life (from struggling to enjoying), I just COULDN’T go back! If it was a change in my diet that could change my life so beautifully, I was ready to sacrifice my food addictions instead of sacrificing my life!

So, I turned into raw vegan overnight. Yes, I know that it’s not the optimal way (more wise and recommended approach is to increase the amount of fresh fruits in your daily diet and to gradually train your body to get all the nutrients from the fruit – the ability that we’ve lost during the lifetime of messing up our microbiome and killing the healthy gut bacteria). But this overnight change was optimal way for me personally. I was already at the edge of survival, therefore completely excluding the stuff that kept my body contaminated was the best solution for me at that time.

And I never felt bad about this decision. Even during the unpleasant periods of body going into the self-cleansing mode (it always happens when our body finally gets a chance to get rid of the toxic stuff that was accumulated mostly in the fat tissues (stored away from the vital organs this way), so when these toxins get released from these tissues into the blood stream before being excreted, it feels like an illness or at least a headache or nausea. This type of experience is normal during transition to the healthier lifestyle, but unfortunately it may scare and turn some people away from continuing making this change).

Now, looking back, I understand that switching to the raw plant-based diet actually saved my life. After 9 months of this lifestyle my body started to eliminate certain things that otherwise would require serious surgical procedures. This ability of our body to reject unhealthy tissues is related with the opposite direction of spin that exists in the living plant cells vs. dead substances (like cooked food, for example). Such incompatibility becomes critical when body replaces more of its cells with living building materials and then sick tissues are literally falling off because they are not compatible with the body anymore.

The same process makes this type of body able to repel foreign materials that were introduced into it. In 2018 I was very surprised to discover that dissolvable stitches didn’t get absorbed by my body! This never happened before and even though I had to return to the clinic (to my big dislike) in order to remove the stitches, but I was happy from knowing that now I’m literally “not taking any sh*t from anyone anymore” –mentally and now physically as well! 🙂

Isn’t it an extremely important ability of our body that we lost by changing its makeup when providing it with the wrong building materials for its tissues? Please notice, I’m pointing at the direction of transhumanism that we are being ushered against our will and knowledge (chemtrails + vахs + synthetic food +5G = augmented reality). And I’m hoping to bring your attention to our naturally inherent defense against being “transhumanised” – ability that we lost without knowing about it (but still can gain it back if we go against the information provided by the matrix and against our own habits/addictions that we developed while existing within this structure).

Well, if I speak about other benefits of changing to the raw plant-based diet, I would have to write the whole new article about it (or two). But here I’m just sharing a part of my experience, mainly the discovery based on this experience – knowledge about the natural feature of our body that can save us from being unwillingly turned into being a part of technological environment. Something well worth of considering.

Speaking briefly, I’ve got my energy and my life back (and surprisingly grew an extra tooth in place of another wisdom tooth that was removed 14 year ago 🙂 ). Now I’m in the process of switching to completely fruitarian lifestyle (it means giving up nuts and seeds, which I’m still addicted to, but feeling that they became too heavy for me).

Fruitarianism is definitely healthy and self-sufficient state of being, and many beautiful human beings – our contemporaries – keep proving it by their own lifestyle. Did you hear about an elderly couple who are able to run one marathon per day for 365 consecutive days around Australia? When they were asked: “How did you do it being only on the raw food diet??” Their response was brilliant and pointing right to the main idea: “We were able to do it only because we are on the raw vegan diet!”

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  1. Thank you Margarita that was so refreshing to hear. I am so greatful you found this path to health and are sharing it with us. I am Vegan for other reasons then health but I definitely see the health benefits. I believe killing and eating Animals is murder therefore of course it makes us sick! Fruit is asking us to eat it and then plant the seed! This is symbolic therefor it is healthy for our body and mind and you are being of service to the plant and yourself And the Animal lives! Win, win, win!

    1. Kristyna, you noted very important thing that people (who are not vegan) overlook when mocking vegans about “being cruel towards the plants”. What they always miss is that fruits are intentional gifts from plants. Fruit is the only part of plant that doesn’t harm the whole plant when picked. So, fruitarianism is the only “guilt-free” type of diet. It’s quite logical and our health definitely proves it 🙂

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