Possible Lives of “Parallel Selves”

Quite difficult philosophical question that many of us ponder from time to time: 
“I am curious to have your insight on “probable selves”: do ALL our possible lives actually happen in parallel? If so, what is “reality”? Is my current life that I perceive as “real”  “more real” than other lives I may have taken in this current incarnation? Or do we truly live ONE incarnation, based on choices made that affect the probabilities of what happens?”

I was asked this question by the member of the Law of One Study group on Facebook, so I tried to answer it briefly, but at the same time sticking to the main point: “Do we live many parallel lives (within one incarnation) that are the same “real” OR we live just one “real” life per one incarnation?”

I’m just copy-pasting my answer here, so that I don’t lose it in case there is an interest and/or need to bring it up later:

I would base my answer on the Dream Yoga practice and studies of Archetypes (taught by Ra), but still it’s quite vague explanation/understanding.

If we look at reality from the perspective of Consciousness/Oneness, then everything (including probabilities) is real – just like when I’m dreaming then the whole dream itself is a real part of me (not just its characters but all that’s there: all possible choices, variants, scenarios, i.e. the whole “map” – it’s all as real as my dream and as myself).

But if we look at it from the perspective of “individualized portion of Consciousness” (mind/body/spirit complex, for example), then every incarnation has a distinctive/separate pattern that can be described by the Archetypes of the Great Way.

In general, the map of all possibilities is always there, but the way we move through this “terrain” is unique and individually drawn in every incarnation (in my humble opinion, it actually looks like the pattern of “flower of life”).

So, for you (as for the mind/body/spirit complex) your current incarnation forms a distinctive pattern (similar to flower of life, for example) – it’s your “Great Way of the Mind” that is drawn by you during this particular incarnation – it looks like a real road you’ve taken or created. But other “possible lives” that you could have within this incarnation (if you made different choices) also exist, but in the form of other possible roads that exist on the map, but you didn’t travel them.

The question is can you split yourself and take several different roads “at the same time”? I don’t see why not, since time doesn’t really exists – you can take as many roads on the same map as you wish according to your choices and lessons to be learnt. Perhaps there are some limits in this “game” though, because we are speaking about the individualized mind/body/spirit complex that has specific evolutionary goals and therefore it doesn’t need to take “every road” on the same map in order to evolve or to learn specific lessons.

I know it may sound unclear – everything I said above, but the answer to this question might be something that we can’t clearly understand because of our current abilities and knowledge of metaphysics. 🙂”

Margarita AoteaRa (@Rita.Lev)

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