Insight of the day: Changing our own Nature by dealing with our past Nurture (not food-related :))

In my dream last night I was talking about some vegan activists and I was saying that being a vegan myself, I wouldn’t force anyone to change their diet. For me it’s always about respecting someone’s free will and allowing people to make their own choices based on their readiness for certain changes. It means that if I’m pushing them to make particular choice, then I’m interfering with their progress in life.

This idea is not new for me, but this time dream brought to the surface another perspective. I’ve always thought that I developed this inability to interfere with someone’s Free Will because of my childhood conditioning, when my own free will was constantly suppressed. So in other words, that I’m compensating mistakes in parenting by adopting the opposite style.

But actually I have a sister who lived in the same house, with the same parents, but she is very assertive when it comes to voicing her opinion about what other people have to do.

This example clearly demonstrates that it’s not just Nurture, but Nature as well that shapes our characters. And if we look at it from the perspective of Archetypes (taught by Ra), then it points to the differences between two archetypes: Matrix of the Mind and Significator of the Mind. To put it very simply: Matrix of the Mind records our Nurture and Significator of the Mind stores our more permanent Nature.

Matrices of the Mind that belong to the siblings (especially twins) have a lot in common – at the certain age, before leaving the house, their Matrices may be almost identical, if they went through the same life experiences.

But it’s the Significator of the Mind (the significant Self) that keeps all our biases and inclinations formed during the previous incarnations, even though the memories of these lives are not recorded in our current Matrices of the Mind.

What is the message here? For me it’s an encouragement to continue doing the inner-work, going through the staff recorded in my Matrix of the Mind (memories, traumas, programming). Strategy is very simple – it’s Transformational work towards the “New Mind”. This is how Ra explains it:

“Questioner: How is a knowledge of the facets of the archetypical mind used by the individual to accelerate his evolution?

Ra: I am Ra. We shall offer an example based upon this first explored archetype or concept complex. The conscious mind of the adept may be full to bursting of the most abstruse and unmanageable of ideas, so that further ideation becomes impossible and work in blue ray or indigo is blocked through over-activation. It is then that the adept would call upon the new mind, untouched and virgin, and dwell within the archetype of the new and unblemished mind without bias, without polarity, full of the magic of the Logos.”

By peeling off layers and layers of distortions, accumulated as a result of family upbringing and societal programming, we are getting rid of the weight that keeps us reincarnating here, in this third density.

If this baggage (stored in the Matrix of Mind) is not sorted out during this lifetime, then its distilled distortions will form equivalent biases in the Significator of the Mind. And that’s how it will be transferred into the next incarnation. So, we’ll have to deal with it anyway, but having no idea about how we’ve got such distortions and perhaps blaming others or our poor fate for that (which is not helpful strategy at all for changing one’s life and for evolving).


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  1. Beautifully said and excellent selection of quote to highlight! Just what I needed to see today. From 91.35
    I am often very focused on attempting to “pair” the significator archetype with “the choice” but often forget this recommendation of stepping away from the often “unmanageable” junk that accumulates in my monkey mind.

    1. Thank you, Michael! This problem is common for most of us, modern civilized people – monkey mind, always busy and full of thoughts that keep us focused on the external world, which is an illusion 🙂

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