The Ra Contact (in Russian)

Just a quick update. I started working on the new Russian translation of the Law of One books for L/L Research. I didn’t plan to do this (or did I, pre-incarnationally? :)), but this is the situation now, and I feel it’s the right thing to do (“great honor/responsibility”, as Ra would say). This project is really huge, it will take several years, because I’m including the narration and commentary sub-projects as well. But it’s so worth it!

The printed version of my translation will be available on the L/L Research website when it’s finished, but the Russian language narration of each session from the books “The Ra Contact. Teaching of the Law of One” will be uploaded to the specially created YouTube channel:

So, if you know someone who speaks Russian and is also looking for this kind of material, please don’t hesitate to share this link with them… Neither L/L Research nor I advertise or promote this information anywhere, believing that it will find its audience through the path of Free Will 🙂

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