“Fool me once, fool me twice, fool me many-many times!”

This ability (or better to say, desire) of certain category of new-agers to follow the same fake prophecy again and again, even when it fails many times to prove its validity and the same type of excuse is given – what is it? Perhaps (using the words of Ra) it’s an example of someone who “will satisfy itself with the shadows and, grasping the light of day, will toss back the head in grim laughter, preferring the darkness.”

Here is a new fantasy that’s popular at least in Russia now. If someone got new variant of covid, spending several weeks in bed with fever and absence of energy – now it’s considered to be quite an exclusive experience of being re-written or re-formatted by some sort of ascension energies or higher beings.

It comes together with this new “multi-solar flashes” theory that was widely promoted recently by all kinds of new “contactees” and “channelers” who are not quite smart as they gave specific dates for this anticipated “ascension event”. It was supposed to happen by mid-October 2021 and, of course, it didn’t happen.

So, they invented a new “evidence”: according to them someone is taking part in this ascension event if they are going through covid – that’s how they are being re-written for the new age (which is possible, I mean, the re-writing process, but only when someone is doing their innerwork by themselves, and also it doesn’t have to be covid experience – anyone can use any negative catalyst for re-writing their patterns of thinking or reacting and for becoming a better human being).

Well, I’m not against fantasies, they are useful for entertainment and relaxation, but I get a bit triggered when such fantasies prevent people from looking proactively at the true picture of themselves and their life, so that the pain they experienced shows where the change is necessary. In this particular case related with getting sick with covid, this catalyst may be pointing to someone’s decisions about their health and lifestyle that need to be transformed.

But this particular new-age “covid/ascension” sleeping pill is too attractive to miss – it comes with a coat of sugar – “exclusivity”: the sick ones are “chosen” and their illness is a prove that they successfully ascended to this new 5D reality (or whatever the theory is), so no inner work is necessary for them. Everything was done by some good aliens, hooray!

This is where my frustration elevates – when I see these widespread lies that prevent people from concentrating on doing their transformational work and evolving. So many new-age theories are serving exactly this purpose – to keep people asleep, making them believe in fantasy and inflating their ego. It’s so easy to manipulate a human ego!

Now, the question is who is benefiting from it? Here is something from Ra that sheds some light on it: “To embrace falsity, to know it, to seek it, and to use it gives a power that is most great. This is the nature of the power of your visitor” [they spoke about the negative 5th density entity that was trying to stop the whole Ra contact]. Veil-lifting explanation, isn’t it?


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