When the service-to-other can be a disservice to someone?

In my dream last night I was trying to answer this question by giving the following example. I wanted to help one lady and I was telling her that she needs to drink some water. She was reluctant at first, but following my persuasive advice she got up in her bed and reached for the glass of water on her bedside table. Seeing her strenuous effort I realized that she’s been very sick. Getting up was a huge effort for her as she had no strength at all. At this moment she obviously needed good rest more than water.

Trying to analyze any dream, I always search for something in my current life (in my inner state: thoughts, feelings or in my outer environment: events, people) that this dream may be reflecting on.

This dream was a balancing response to my previous blog post where I was expressing my frustration with people who prefer to stay asleep and to be deceived.

As always with dreams, they are trying to restore the balance of existing in the dual reality. In other words, there are no pure black or white situations: everything has two sides, two opposites. And seeing both sides of every catalyst is very important for embracing the wholeness (and therefore resolving all paradoxes in Oneness).

So, regarding the practical meaning of this dream message, it’s fair to say that everyone is on their own evolutionary path with their own pace. For the fast runners it may seem that someone is stuck and we may want to help these people by giving them what they need (from our perspective and based on our abilities). But it might be too difficult for them to accept what’s given because they don’t have enough capacity for that. Yet.

Just like in my dream, this lady didn’t have enough strength to grasp/accept something that was supposed to be good for her. Glass of pure water – truth/healthy information – it’s out there for everyone, but not everyone is able to take it in. Some people need time for the seeds to germinate, others may need to go through more catalysts and to transform themselves before they will have a strength to accept something, especially if it’s something different than what they are used to (like, for example a glass of plain cold water instead of sugary fizzy/fuzzy drink).

What we can do is to put this glass of pure water out there and to be more patient with those who don’t reach for that – they obviously have serious reasons for this incapability.

Of course there are other hints in this dream’s metaphor (for example, how to help this lady to drink water – by personally feeding her through a straw etc.), but the main message is about balancing frustration with compassionate acceptance.

Message received, thank you.


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  1. Yes exactly, everyone’s path is perfect even when it doesn’t look that way to us. I feel like sometimes when we try to save/help someone and get them to temporarily change course it may delay the lessons that could have catapulted them onto their path of joy. Loving each other where we are and seeing each other as strong, wise, capable beings may be more helpful.

  2. Nice reminder. A couple years ago I started following Robert Kiyosaki to overcome some of my programming. I remember him saying emotional intelligence is being able to see both sides of the coin and still function.

    It is so important to be able to meet a person where they are. If we don’t overwhelm, one of my problems, others with information, maybe a few will take more bites.

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