Seeing from the other side of the Veil

Interesting idea came through a dream last night. As we know, the Veil is an artificial construct that was built for the third density beings, so that they feel more “inclined” to make a Choice either in the service-to-self or service-to-others direction. In other words, you have to be blindfolded in order to make decision to serve “yourself” by harming your own hand or leg or other part of your body, thinking that it’s not part of you.

We are used to think about this Veil from our own perspective (of the blindfolded entity). But higher density beings don’t have this veil (except for the negatively polarized 4th, 5th and beginning of 6th densities, who are following the path of separation and therefore reinforcing this veil for themselves).

So, an interesting idea would be to imagine how these higher densities positive beings see us and our lives?

Obviously, they clearly see Oneness as the basis for all existence. It means they perceive each of us as their own self playing some role in theatrical performance. Perhaps it’s like watching a documentary about yourself…. Or dreaming a dream of yourself… just one of many other dreams, some of which are pleasant, some sad, inspirational and nightmarish, memorable and something you’d like to forget…

So, which dream am I for myself who is on the other side of the veil (i.e. for the 4th, 5th, 6th densities beings and for the Creator)?

I had interesting experience a couple of days ago. Someone posted one of those silly questions on facebook: “Type “My Spirit Guides told me” and then use predictive text to finish this sentence”. I don’t know why, but this time I decided to give it a try, and that’s what I’ve got:

“My spirit guides told me to be the dream of being”

Not bad for an answer to my previous question! 🙂   

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  1. heh, I love it! Very fitting.

    I think higher positive being must see us as children in a sense. I mean, I can tell you that sometimes a parent must let the child learn on its own. Trying to teach someone who is not mature enough to understand certain concepts is sometimes very difficult. I imagine they understand this about us, that we need to arrive/arise in our own way.

  2. *
    Yeah – good answer in which is everything said, because of the content
    Yes this is a theatrical performance, where the parts of us/In-Spirit-Us play the humans/aliens, etc., but too dramatically/seriously, without use the *potential of the all possibilities* (outside of this monotony), which are here for live/experience
    Even as a child I observed humans, among other things because of “when will they finally stop – with these roles”, but they kept going
    In certain sense – from my 4 to my 7 years I gave so-called humans/family a chance – to confess and say “it is just a joke”, but because they stayed in their roles (like robots moving only on predetermined tracks; for me to be among the humans/aliens, etc. is like free creating/playing/moving/doing between robots on rails) so I arranged everything according to myself
    I conscious about that every core of the so-called humans/aliens, etc. is the creator, this same like I and that we have made certain agreements, but this does not hinder me give them and me a common experience, which those deserve as the “figures/players/humans/aliens, etc.” in their/our own game
    The roles are too obvious, grotesque, artificial, scenario-like, the more they try to be serious, the more they are obvious, but also monotonous and boring

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