Removal of Starseeds – Why?

A few days ago, through my Dream Yoga practice I received a short but insightful information about the Starseeds’ removal from Earth. For me it was called “an evacuation of visitors”. I didn’t understand why I was given this information until I read Corey Goode’s latest update where he mentioned this subject; so perhaps there was a need for some clarification regarding the reason(s) of this process (at least in certain cases).

First of all, as Corey Goode added in his recent update, different wanderers (starseeds) came to Earth with different missions, so it would be quite wrong to assume that all of them will be removed from this planet at the same time, in the same manner and for the same reason. Please keep it in mind and don’t panic, if you are a starseed and afraid of being prematurely removed from here.

Among millions of starseeds, there is a huge group of wanderers, who incarnated here on Earth for the purpose of helping people to get through a very challenging time and assisting humanity in building its better future. So, in this short post I will be speaking to those starseeds who came here with this particular mission.

This is the message that was conveyed to me through the Dream Yoga practice regarding the current removal of this type of Wanderers. The main prerequisite for them to continue working on Earth is “to be fit” for performing their job in the new, highly charged and volatile energetic environment. This level of “fitness” is normally achieved through working on Self by unblocking and balancing the energy centers in the body. This process of innerwork normally leads to becoming healthier (and therefore “fit”) on all levels: mental, emotional, spiritual and physical as well (the latter may be vital for certain individual life missions, though it’s not the main aspect of suggested “fitness” for “the body is a creature of the mind’s creation”).

Why do we need to be “fit” (or in other words, to be capable, equipped, in good shape, healthy, strong, prepared)? Many of us, as wanderers, came to Earth with the purpose of providing help, but at the same time all of us got damaged to various degrees just by living the life of a 3D human. Our childhood traumas, past & present lives’ unresolved karma, our unhealthy habits & addictions, biases, distortions and unloving parts of Self – all this baggage needs to be addressed, sorted out, healed and transformed. Otherwise we’ll be trying to save a drowning person when we aren’t able to swim ourselves.

Wounded Healer needs to be healed him/herself in order to be able to heal others. This 3D world is trying to fool us, demonstrating the opposite: doctors who are obviously sick, scientists who aren’t able to look outside of dogma, teachers who didn’t learn basic things in life etc…

But this is not how it actually works. And this is not how the soul-groups of starseeds are going to allow it to happen. If their fellow soulmate is incarnated on Earth with the mission of assisting humanity through the events of solar flash etc., but their guy is severely damaged and for some reason is not going to heal and transform, then what does it mean?

First of all, it would be even more damaging for this starseed (and therefore for the whole soul-group) to go through more challenging times. And secondly, it would add one more “drowning person” to the ocean of others, who are currently “drowning” on this planet; and this is not helpful at all. Actually it’s the opposite of help that the starseeds’ groups would like to offer to this planet. So, if there is no severe karma involved (or if the upcoming karmic ties can be avoided), the best decision would be to remove this starseed from this planet now, before it becomes too late and before this soul will have to go through another major cycle of incarnations.

This is the main logic behind the current process of evacuating certain starseeds from Earth by the means of removing them from their physical bodies (we would perceive it as killing, right?). So, if you feel that you are this type of a starseed who came here to help and would like to be here for helping your loved ones, then it’s time to look at yourself with all the honesty you can get: are you helping or requiring help? Are you a healer or do you still need essential healing in certain area(s) of your life and/or psyche? Does your overall state of being make you feel like an asset on Earth at this difficult time? It may sound harsh, but it’s a wakeup call, so it has to be stinging.

If you feel like a victim, helpless, unwell, unloving, judging, unforgiving etc., then what makes you feel that way? If you are still here, it means that it’s not too late – you can still do something to change your life. All it takes is to turn inwards, to look at the unpleasant parts of your own life & personality and to start addressing something about yourself that was avoided before, therefore healing past traumas, forgiving yourself and others, restoring the flow of unconditional Love and going through the process of personal & physical transformation. It can be done only with all the honesty, courage and willpower that you’ve got. It’s a difficult and scary process, but it’s worth the effort, especially if it may be the last one.

After all, doing this kind of inner work may be the only condition for performing your life mission on Earth at that time. Please, consider that seriously… The clock is ticking…

Author ©Margarita (@Rita.Lev), 2022-08

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  1. Well I my self pray each day . I really hope its not all a lie. God angels . I know man invented churches and souls can become trapped in that cycle of dogma . But there are so many wonderful souls with great amounts of love and light in those churches . There are so many different people giving different versions of
    beliefs . Sometimes its hard to find
    your way. So many people with so many visions ,dreams and visitations could they all be possible just in that individuals level of each souls development?
    Jesus eluded that there are many paths to accession and higher soul development.Could it be that’s what he meant.I became so
    disheartened when Corey said these angels have done horrible things to mankind. Surely not all ?

  2. Comment to the latest edition of this post. The emphasis has been placed on the following ideas:
    1. Not everyone who is incarnated on Earth is a Starseed/Wanderer. Not every wanderer has the same mission on Earth as other starseeds. Not every life mission requires to have a healthy body (sometimes it’s the opposite, though rare).
    2. Such terms as “health”, “fitness”, “healing” (in context of this article) have much more to do with the state of mind, soul and flow of energy than with the condition of the physical (chemical) body. “The body is a creature of the mind’s creation” – these words of Ra place everything into a different perspective, aligning the activities of mundane life with the bigger picture, where the process of innerwork is inextricably intertwined with performing the life mission.

    1. “Healthy” is very general term. Some souls are choosing certain physical distortions in order to perform their life mission, to learn/teach certain lessons, to expand the experience of the One Infinite Creator. This is why it would be an erroneous assumption to make a general statement that “people who are confined to a wheel chair or disabled in some way, not going to be allowed to complete their mission on earth”. Everyone is on their own life journey and the first quest would be to learn what is this particular journey about?.. Only through the self-knowledge we may start penetrating the veil and finding our own answers to existential questions.

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