How to protect your Light

Unfortunately we are almost blind: in the most cases we aren’t able to see beyond the limits of our physical perception. This Veil prevents our conscious mind from seeing what’s outside of 3D reality. This is an archetypal design and it suits the purpose of increasing our eagerness for seeking truth, learning, growing and therefore accelerating our spiritual evolution.

As everything in the dual world there is a “dark side” of this Veil: we aren’t able to perceive those entities that are hiding in the realms that’s beyond our normal perception and that are trying to manipulate our emotions/thoughts/actions.

I already wrote about the methods of neutralising the influence of the negative entities through our dreams (in the group “Dream Yoga and The Law of One”). Now I’d like to share some tips about dealing with this influence in our daily life.

1. First and the most important tool for negating any undesirable influence is our conscious awareness.

When we make every moment of our life conscious, when we are aware of every thought/emotion/reaction/action that we are undertaking then we take our power of Choice back from whoever was trying to steal it from us.

The best analogy of this strategy is becoming lucid/awake in the dream. What do we usually do when we realise (in the dream) that we are inside of our own dream? We “re-group” ourselves: we recall who we really are (this person who is peacefully sleeping in her bed right now) and we make a Choice about what should we do in this dream reality: not the unconscious choice of the person whose role we were playing in this dream, but the conscious Choice of our real Self. So, if there are any other characters (or circumstances) in the scenario of our dream, then their influence becomes irrelevant and nullified, because we take full control of our actions in this dream, and its scenario starts to change to accommodate our new ideas and actions.

The same strategy should be applied in the waking life. Develop a real habit to “wake up” during the day: become aware of your thoughts and emotions, actions and reactions. Are they being caused or influenced by something/someone else from the scenario of your “waking dream”? Is this influence able to affect your true Self (Creator who is being incarnated as you, your true Being who came to Earth with the Mission to Love and to receive/radiate Light)?

During this exercise (or better to say – conscious evaluation of your current state of being) you will definitely find the mismatch between what you currently (and unconsciously, like in your sleep) feel/think and what your true Self intends to feel/think and do in this life. The next step is obvious: just like in your lucid dream, shift your perspective from playing the role that is not yours (and that you unconsciously accepted under some influence) and center yourself in your true role.

This shift may require some preliminary practice. Dedicate at least an hour per day for learning what it means and how it feels to be in the state of mind/body/spirit that is true for your real Self. Meditate on this true state of your being. Visualise how you behave, what you feel and think, what you do, how you move and express yourself… Then feel it: put yourself in this state of being that you’ve just visualised. Keep yourself there until it becomes so familiar that you can cause it just by thinking about shifting into it.

Now when you “know the taste” of your true state of being, you just need to create a habit to “wake up” during your day and shift yourself from where you are at this moment into this newly discovered natural state of your being. Place reminders around your house or office, turn on your alarm clock… – anything that can help you to wake up when you are consumed by the routine of the day or burdened by the typical scenario of your waking dream and being under the negative influence.

As an example, you may have a long-time habit to negatively think about other people or about your past experiences while you are performing some routine tasks (e.g. cooking, driving, cleaning). Wake up during this negative scenario of your unconscious “waking dream”, make yourself conscious of your thoughts and feelings. Maybe they were provoked by some negative entities hiding around you, or maybe they were generated by your own habits. Whatever is their cause, you can break free from this pattern by becoming conscious and shifting your state of being into position of your true self (loving, forgiving, joyful, strong, courageous, compassionate etc). You know how it feels to be truly you (you already worked on aligning yourself with this state of being), so now you are able to do it instantly upon “awakening” during the day. Thus every day, every hour, every minute of your life becomes Conscious and Controlled by You; you are not leaving any space for your unconscious existence and therefore not providing an easy opportunity for a negative entity to take advantage of your unconsciousness and to manipulate you into feeling hatred, fear, despair and misery.

This work is based on the main principle of Dream Yoga where we learn a certain skill on the astral plane and then we implement it on the plane of our daily existence. In this case it’s the mastery of becoming lucid in our dreams that we are projecting into our real life that will help us to take control over our “waking dream” and to change its scenario.

2. Another important tip for alleviating the influence of negative entities: ask for help from the positively polarised higher beings. They can’t interfere our Free Will, so they won’t get involved in our life unless we ask them. Make sure that you ask the “right type of beings” to help you. Everyone may have slightly different approach for that, I’ll share mine: I usually call for those beings who are serving others: serving humanity, serving positively polarised planet Earth, serving One Infinite Creator and also sharing Christ Consciousness.

Ask for specific kind of help (remembering about your free will that these entities need to preserve). Usually they can send Love, Light and energy of Healing and Protection to you and/or to your loved ones (if you ask about them). But they won’t resolve your problems, because you need to learn and reconcile them yourself. But they can definitely help you in this process by sending their positive loving energy.

Asking these higher beings to remove negative attachments and influences from your environment would be helpful, but you will need to do your part of this job as well by practicing being conscious, loving, forgiving and positive in your service-to-others and by not allowing this negative influences to get attached to your energy field again.

3. There are some rituals that can be done on the physical plane (using salt, water, cleaning techniques, specific materials, shapes, phrases). For this information I suggest reading the Law of One that has quite detailed description of some of these techniques.

But overall it’s important to use the whole range of methods for removing negative energies from your environment: not only on the physical (illusionary) plane, but also by working with your Mind and Spirit (as described in the first two parts). We can clean our physical environment on the daily basis to no avail unless we make a fundamental Change on the higher planes of our existence.

© Margarita, 2022

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