How to be the light you want to see in the world

During my meditation I was told: “Look at the Sun – it makes clouds golden even without touching them!” I had to contemplate for a while about the message hidden behind these words.

In one of Dolores Cannon’s books she mentioned that some Volunteers (Wanderers/Starseeds/Lightworkers) were incarnated here without any special mission except for serving as antennas for receiving and transmitting light to Earth. At the time of her writing this idea didn’t sound like a big mission, and many lightworkers were disappointed to receive this reading about their seemingly passive goal on Earth. It’s understandable: for the spiritually developed entity it would look much more suitable to take on a mission of becoming an inspirational speaker/teacher/guru who would lead crowds to light.

It appears that only now we are really able to see the real hardship hidden behind this seemingly “passive” and humble role of antenna of light. When the whole world is under the thick cover of darkness, fear, negative emotions as it is now, it’s extremely difficult to keep high vibrations and to be open to light! To be honest, it would be much easier to take your frustration and anger and to pour it out in the form of motivational speech for your students, rather than quietly staying balanced and in harmony (internally and with external environment as well)!

So, the sun can paint clouds golden without physically touching them. It can be interpreted as if we open ourselves to the higher vibrations, we’ll be able to receive light and to become smaller-scale suns, radiating light for others without necessary getting in contact with them.

It’s really tough job these days – to keep your vibrations high and to harmonize your environment, isn’t it? But if you took on this mission when you decided to come here, it means you have special ability to do it. Just remember that even if you are strong and spiritually advanced inside, you are still a 3D human being with inborn amnesia, weaknesses, sensitivities and emotions.

Treat yourself with proper care. Let your body resonate naturally with higher frequencies and let your mind be free from fear: try to replace it with Faith. And allow yourself to release your emotions – it’s as important as periodically going to the bathroom (sorry about such comparison, but the release of mental/emotional residue is very similar to the analogous process in the physical body, dreams always use this analogy, by the way). Keeping it inside is too toxic, but releasing it in front of others is not helpful either. There is always a place/activity/circumstances that are suitable for letting emotions out. Some people are, for example, crying in the rain, others chop the wood or pull the weeds in the garden. Big bodies of water (sea, ocean, lake etc) are able to absorb emotional build-up and to restore the balance, so if you have an opportunity to take walks on the beach, use it for your emotional wellbeing.

Take care of yourself, absorb the Light and radiate this golden hue of the Sun into this world!  


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  1. Thank you! I needed that. thank you for sharing your light with me. I had a really hard day with a heath care worker not understanding me and intern not about to care for me. she gets paid a lot of money I wish I could pay you. lol keep blogging its good.

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