Our basic biases and archetypal design of 3D reality

Positive information – negative information, sweet dreams – nightmares, pleasure – pain… This list of inherent features of our dual reality can be continued indefinitely – everyone knows that.

Another very well-known fact is that most of us prefer pleasure instead of pain (normally). This is how our physical body is designed. And our mind usually follows the preferences of its body. It happens by default, according to the design of 3D reality. All of these concepts can be found in the study of Archetypes (system of typical architectural elements of reality taught by Ra).

Our default mode is an unconscious existence: mind follows the body, and body seeks pleasure and avoids pain. Of course, one of the reasons for such design is our basic survival in 3D illusion: mind is always motivated to protect its body from painful (and therefore, life-threatening) situations. There are other reasons for that as well and they might be useful to contemplate about if someone is interested in philosophy or metaphysics.

But what I’d like to bring up here is the following idea. Our mind is placed into specific structure where it’s designed to unconsciously follow the biases of the body, so that such peculiar architecture may serve as a “wake-up call”.

Here are some simplest example of how it works. Sweet taste is usually pleasant for our taste buds, but if we keep unconsciously feeding our body with a lot of sugar, eventually our physical vehicle will start deteriorating and we’ll have to “turn on” the conscious mode of eating.

Another example: our sweet dreams may be so pleasant, that we don’t want to wake up. But if we drug ourselves to sleep for several days or more we may put our body at risk with possibility of dying while being pleasantly asleep. (These pleasure-regulating principles can be found in the archetypes of the body).

So, eventually we have to wake up from any sweet dreams in order to survive (literally and metaphorically speaking). Some people do it quicker, but some stay there for so long that they start to endure damage. On the other hand, nightmares as a “wake-up call” are much more efficient. No one wants to stay in the nightmare, and very often we try to wake ourselves up from such dreams while being within the dream (saying to ourselves “no, it’s a nightmare and I must wake up!!”). Obviously for the purpose of awakening the nightmares work much better than sweet dreams 🙂

It’s logical to assume that when someone is asked: “Would you like to see a nightmare as your dream tonight?”, the typical answer would be “No, of course not!”. Let’s apply this analogy one step further. The same can be asked about the type of information that someone wants to receive: in many cases the preference would be strongly on the side of hearing purely positive/pleasant information. It’s understandable. And nothing is wrong with pleasant information if it’s true and if there is no need to “wake up” to totally different reality (especially if it’s dangerous for being asleep there).

If we didn’t have these embedded by default biases and mind-body connections, then in general, outside the duality, it wouldn’t matter what’s coming for us: positive or negative information, sweet dreams or nightmares, pleasure or pain… But we are incarnated inside the dual structure, where the catalysts of pain and pleasure always make us move in one direction or another. Every minute we have to choose between pain and pleasure, sweet and bitter, true or false, joyful or fearsome… There is no right or wrong choice, but probably there is a “wise choice”: if it helps us to live conscious life and to achieve the goals of our incarnation, then we are wisely choosing the side of duality that suits our purpose.

When speaking about existing within 3D reality, Ra noted “those experiences offered … as positive frequently become recorded as productive of biases which may be seen to be negative, whereas the fruit of those experiences apparently negative is frequently found to be helpful in the development of the service-to-others bias.”

While suffering under the stream of unpleasantly perceived events/dreams/information we are unable to see that at the same time there is another inpouring of the opposite nature that is happening behind our back, and that its waters are nurturing our growth and transformation. This is the archetypal nature of this reality, designed for our evolution through experiencing duality by clothing ourselves with the bodies that have preinstalled dual biases (towards pleasure & against pain).

Image is for illustrating the dual work of two opposite streams: The Catalyst of the Spirit (Archetype #17 in the teaching of Ra).

Margarita AoteaRa.com (@Rita.Lev)

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