3 years window predicted in 2017

Excerpts from April 2017 “Cosmic Disclosure” (Season 7 Ep. 17)

“Corey: And most recently, Tear-Eir has told me that we’ve entered into a very important three year window as a species, that we’re creating as a species the, I guess, reality that we’re going to experience together. 

That this three-year window is very important – how we, I guess, exert ourselves to try to get disclosure is very important. 

It’s very important to start doing things like mass meditations, anything that can kickstart that hundredth monkey effect within the rest of our subconsciousness”.

“David: Could you talk about that window? And what do you think might be going on with 2020 and that period of time?

Corey: I’m not sure what’s going to occur, other than we’re making some sort of a decision as a people in that time period. It’s important.

A lot of these groups that are trying to massage and muddle things are kind of sitting back now. Pretty much, the ball’s in our court.

How we’re going to proceed from now on, a lot of it has to do with how we process this new information, and how we react to it.”

– – – – –

We’ve been re-watching the “Cosmic Disclosure” recently, because some members of our family became ready for this information and we gladly watched it with them again. Now, being able to have a retrospective view on the events that Corey and David were discussing back then, it’s amazing to see how these predictions have been unfolding!

Who in 2017 would believe that 2020 (the way it manifested) and the following years of madness will be real? I wouldn’t. And an interesting fact is that those who orchestrated this whole spectacle weren’t sure about the outcome either. They placed a bet and bingo! – it won.

It’s the state of our collective consciousness that made 2020 possible to occur the way it did. And to be specific – it’s mostly our addictions that helped the manipulators to implement their plan.

In the middle of 2020 a sad idea was conveyed to me through a dream. It metaphorically spoke about the cabal (or whatever term you prefer to use for the entities with dark agenda on Earth), and dream showed that by 2020 cabal was in quite difficult situation for some reason. What was interesting is that these negative entities didn’t know if their соvid plan was going to work out or not, but they gave it a try… Well, there is no need to describe how successful they were in this gamble.

Yes, they stirred some additional resources into the play (media-money-government compound). But their primary bet was placed on people’s dependency from the medical system. Though at that time even these entities didn’t know how strong were the ties between patients’ fears and doctors’ instructions.

And this mass dependency on pharmaceutical treatments proved to be really strong, didn’t it? When someone is ready to follow an obviously illogical and risky health advice, it means that their trust in the medical establishment must be really strong. And here we are, looking back at the 3-years window that Corey was talking about in 2017, and we are thinking: “What did we do wrong during these years? What kind of decisions that we made turned out to be wrong?”..

In my view it would be better to ask more specifically, now when we know the content of 2020 predictions: “What could we do better, so that the medical experiment of 2020 would fail from its very first attempts?”

If we look at the current situation from this perspective, we may learn from our experience and start changing the things that we failed to change back then. As long as our weakness that was used against us continues to exist, it’s going to be exploited in the same or similar fashion. The question is what is this weakness and are we ready to change it – each of us, on the personal level?

A typical problem when speaking about collective consciousness is that as individuals we may feel being so different from the majority, that it makes us believe that we aren’t able to change this huge society of “alien masses”. In other words, if I don’t take any meds but all of my neighbors depend on their doctor’s prescriptions all the time, then I think that my rare type of existence doesn’t influence the state of our collective consciousness, because its overwhelming majority is dependent on the medical treatments.

This may sound reasonable, but it’s not true. Everyone has a power to cause a positive change in the society, and the simplest way to do it is by being ourselves and serving as a positive example of natural health that at least one neighbor would desire to follow. Then this neighbor will eventually become an example for others and so on. This is how each of us can start a chain reaction that may transform the whole society over a period of time.

And also there is another important aspect of change when we are talking about society that has an overall problem of addiction (not only to drugs, but also to food, money, entertainment, possessions, status, power, abuse etc.) If we are addicted to anything, then it makes us extremely vulnerable and dependable, because just the fear of losing the object of our addiction is our weakest point where we can easily give away the power over our lives to the structures that supply us with the things that we are dependent on.

Maybe we don’t have 3 years window anymore to get rid of our addictions that made us vulnerable to the degree that we are already allowing to establish control over our lives, but it’s “better later than never” as one famous saying suggests.

Collective consciousness or individual – it doesn’t matter, because it’s a duty of each of us, on the personal level, to look at ourselves from the perspective of being addicted, dependent and having a fear to lose something.

A lot of inner-digging is required to answer these questions: What are the things that I can’t live without? Why are they important for me?… and continue going deeper, asking these “whys” all the way until you find the non-material behind material, inner behind outer and real/spiritual behind illusionary/physical. This is the search for foundation that we lost somewhere in the cycle of incarnations; and our inability to find this firm ground is being used against us as a base for fearmongering and manipulation.

If you find this ground, addictions and fear will drop. At the end, we have nothing to lose in life except our true selves.

Author © Margarita AoteaRa.com (@Rita.Lev), June 2022

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