Channel for Poetry

After years of persistent inner-work based on the dream interpretation I started to unblock my throat chakra in 2019 (this blockage was a life-long problem that projected itself into the physical level in the form of frequent tonsillitis). 

So at the beginning of 2019 I started to have dreams about writing poems and about some well-known poets “waiting for me”. I didn’t know what these dreams were trying to tell me until one morning I woke up with an idea to listen more deeply, like if there is a music playing in my head. 

At first I’ve heard very specific rhythm and after a while I could catch matching words that were somewhere “in the air”. That’s how my first poem was born. I was surprised by this newly discovered ability, because it was extremely opposite from my logical and analytical mind of mathematician 🙂 

So, I started to “channel poetry” from time to time. Of course, as an experiment I tried to create a poem by myself and it worked just like finding solution for the system of two mathematical equations. The result was “correct” (matching words endings, proper rhythm), but it sounded nothing like a poetry that comes directly from the soul, through the blue ray vibrations of the fifth chakra!

Since the beginning of worldly craziness in 2020, I almost stopped listening my “poetic channel” – just didn’t feel like that. But emotions, even the sad ones, when expressed in the form of art, can be therapeutical. 

I’m sharing it here so that some of you may feel encouraged to work on your past traumas, to heal, to unblock yourself and to start listening – who knows what kind of gifts are waiting for you to be uncovered when your restore your energy flow!

– – – – –
My native language is Russian, that’s why (I assume) I hear poetry only in Russian 🙂

Поведай мне, Боже, про жизнь и про смерть,

Про то, как уходят со сцены…

О том, как ослепнув от яркости, Свет

Отрёкся от собственной Тени.

Скажи мне, о Боже, зачем мы живём,

Не помня, не видя друг друга?

Зачем мы всё время кого-нибудь ждём,

Не в силах понять, в чём разлука?

А знаешь ли, Боже, как больно ступать

Не видя босых ног, по стёклам?

И знать, что, наверно, умеешь летать,

А вынужден ползать, умолкнув…

Послушай, о Боже, давай порешим,

Что будет открытой беседа:

Я выберу Правду среди сладкой лжи,

А ты отворишь створку неба.

Автор © Copyright: Рита Лев-Весенняя

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  1. I like your poignant and deep sentiments.
    They mirror my own feelings of Paradise Lost…

    Tell me, O God, about life and about death,
    About how they leave the stage…
    About how being blinded by brightness, Light
    Renounced his own Shadow.
    Tell me, oh God, why do we live,
    Not remembering, not seeing each other?
    Why are we always waiting for someone,
    Unable to understand what the separation is?
    And do you know, God, how painful it is to step
    Without seeing bare feet, on the windows?
    And to know that you probably know how to fly,
    And I have to crawl, silent…
    Listen, oh my God, let’s decide,
    That there will be an open conversation:
    I will choose the truth among the sweet lies,
    And you will open the door of the sky.
    Margarita AoteaRa


    Come with me to Summerland where clover runs wild
    With carpets of fragrance that run on for miles
    Inviting us to explore the natural scene
    And wander enchanted through it’s fields of dreams
    As tensions evaporate we can now feel
    Our old cares dissolving as concerns unreel
    Dispelling all traces of failure and fear
    Along with dark memories of sadness and tears
    As counting of hours has faded away
    Replaced by eternal creation at play
    The tyranny of time’s passage rules no more
    Illusion has dropped through Infinity’s door
    Bees mesmerize with their droning, portend
    This magickal interlude may never end
    As marshmallow clouds float languid without care
    Forming fancy shapes drifting on scented air
    Imagination released in you and me
    Has broken all boundaries until we feel free
    Now we’re at-one-ment with brown earth and sky-blue
    Our dream of ascension has finally come true…

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