Our gifts and our limitations (chosen by us)

Everyone who wakes up to the idea of being incarnated on Earth with very specific mission, immediately starts searching for their unique gifts for performing this mission (or the other way around: first, discovering their gifts and then creating a mission based on these gifts, but it’s more rare case). It’s fair to say that it’s not always easy to identify these gifts, but at least we are searching for them and anticipating them with a positive feeling.

What’s interesting that we view our weaknesses as some sort of unfortunate baggage, given to us as a result of other people’s wrong-doings and unfortunate events . Very often we get quite frustrated with having these unwanted distortions, because they prevent us from performing our “big mission”. And, of course it gives us a good reason to blame other people and circumstances of 3D life for installing these unfortunate qualities in our personality. For example, some people blame their parents for many decades believing that it’s their wrong parenting that ruined their life and keeps ruining it.

But as always, in this 3D reality the true picture is hidden behind the thick walls of inborn amnesia. Did we choose our parents before coming into this incarnation? Yes. Did we choose these unfortunate distortions that prevent us from performing our mission? Yes…. Then why did we make this choice??
Good question to ponder on, isn’t it?

This quote from Q’uo* says it all:

“The interesting thing about personality is that each of you chose both your gifts and your limitations, your abundances and your lacks, for very good reasons. 

The challenge is to come into some fuller realization as time goes on as to what the pattern is behind those challenges and those gifts. What was hoped for by the higher self that is you when you and your higher self planned the big points, as this instrument would say, the plot points of this incarnation? 

Why did you put that blockage there? 

That remarkable gift there? 

That incredible stupidity over there? 

These things were placed there for a reason. 

Why did your choose relationships with this, this and this entity that delight you and aggravate you and make you angry?”


*Q’uo group is channeled by L/L Research and it’s combined of three social memory complexes: Hatonn (4D), Latwii (5D) and Ra (6D)

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  1. There’s so much truth in what you’ve written. As a seeker, I’ve often asked myself these questions. I never really found the answers, not the detailed answers I sought anyway. But… it’s funny, you mentioned the baggage we carry from our upbringing, and how that seems to hinder us. Well right about now I am asking myself if that was actually such a hindrance or a GIFT. The fiery personality traits I got from my father which played a part in my first marriage falling apart… is that part of my personality, now tamed, also now useful in a post c19 world? Yes. I think so. I stand my ground. I have a voice that helps others stand their ground. And with that, I feel just a little bit closer to finding my own purpose.

    1. Theresa, I think you already figured it out! Yes, this time on Earth we need people who are serving the Light and who can stand their ground and to use the red-ray energies for good. Here is very interesting quote from Q’uo where they speak about integrating the shadow aspects of self and how it can be useful (they speak from the position of Oneness, of course, where all people are seen as One or at least as a reflection of self):

      “Naturally, you have emphasized those parts of your personality which seem good to you. Yet those sides of the personality which seem dark are just as worthy, and just as worthy of respect, shall we say. They are a part of you and they need to be loved and honored. And this is where you come into accepting yourself. It often takes a long time to see yourself fully—the self that is the murderer, the rapist, the thief, the liar, all of those things you would never be, you would never act out. Yet you see them coming to you through the eyes, the actions, the thoughts of other people. And you say, “That couldn’t be me. That’s very disturbing.” And yet, my friends, you have those aspects within you. And they need to be acknowledged and loved and accepted. And then they need to be given orders from the daylight side, for they have their part to play in your service here.

      If you take the thief and the rapist and the murderer and all of those anarchic elements, what they have in common is a kind of strength that sometimes is missing from the sweeter and more angelic side. And you need to have that grit, that perseverance, that ability to be bloody-minded for the good, to hold your ground, to hold the light and to remain yourself. Those shadow sides of personality are the elements that give you the depth of ability to stand your ground. They give teeth to your ideals. They give you a toughness that you would not otherwise have. And these are good things.” – Q’uo

      This whole session of Q’uo is really great reading: https://www.llresearch.org/channeling/2009/1017

      1. Wow that quote is really fitting! Thanks for sharing that with me. It feels a bit nuts to have this voice in my head (ego) that has for so long berated me for my fiery tendencies, but it’s serving well at this point. So now I get to thank its influence in me. Quite the change up! 🙂

        1. Ha-ha, I understand! Long before 2020-crisis my dreams were telling me that people with very active red-ray energies will be very-very useful in our society for representing our side, our interests etc. I couldn’t understand back then what kind of “our interests” will need to be actively represented and defended!

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