Freely Giving without Expectations (“how to”)

One lady asked a question if her unwillingness to offer free gifts to those who don’t say “thank you” is a sign of her selfishness, because service-to-others is supposed to be given without expecting anything in return.

Let’s have a more clear look at this situation from the perspective of the energy centers (chakras) that are at play here. This person’s question is whether her service being offered through the Green Ray (Heart chakra) or not. But the origins of her doubts are sitting in the Orange Ray (second chakra), where typical blockages of energy may indicate problems relating with self and with other selves (in her case it’s people who don’t thank her).

In order to see what kind of issues exist in her orange ray vibration, it would be useful to view every person who didn’t say “thank you” as a mirror that’s reflecting something useful to learn about the self. First of all, it requires observation and contemplation about her feelings and thoughts that were triggered by such unlikable behavior of other selves. Was she angry and judgmental about someone being not raised up to her standards of etiquette? Or was she hurt because someone touched her long-term trauma related with being underestimated and unappreciated?..

There are many questions that are useful to ask yourself about yourself when being triggered by other selves. Because if you get triggered, it means there is a “button” (traumatic distortion, imbalance) in your emotional/mental body that can be pushed and that needs healing and balancing.

The algorithm of dealing with this situation is quite obvious: observing, looking within, healing past traumas and resolving personal issues/blockages in the second chakra (of insecurity, unworthiness etc). Only after this work (or at least after beginning such work) we can move the focus of our energy upwards.

Next chakra – Yellow Ray energy – has to deal with interactions on the group level, in the society. This lady is asking a question, projecting her personal interactions with unthankful people into the wider area of the whole community where she is willing to perform her service-to-others, but she is not sure what kind of vibration her service is going to be.

It is possible to perform certain service to the community purely in the yellow ray energy vibrations. In the case of this lady, she may decide, for example, to offer gifts only to the appreciative people or she may force herself to continue providing services to everyone, but this type of service-to-others (STO) will be coming from the power of her own Will and not through the Heart and the Universal Love that shares and loves unconditionally. Obviously, such STO won’t be aiding her in the positive polarization and in acceleration of her ascension.

In order to move the energy higher, to the Green Ray vibration, she needs, first of all, to remove her blockages in the second chakra (as described above) and to balance the energies of orange and yellow rays in such way that the upward flow of energy will start reaching the higher chakras. When this work is sufficiently done, her offering to others will start vibrating in the green ray energy. Will the type of her service change or her offerings will stay the same but her attitude will change? This is very interesting question that can be answered by going through this whole experience as it mostly depends on the person exploring their gifts and limitations and going through the consecutive circles of Transformation.

If we were able to see the flow of energy behind every action, feeling and thought, we would understand reality so much easier and would be able to address any issue at its core! But at least we can learn how these energies flow and interact, what do they represent on the emotional, mental and physical level, and this might be just enough information to start working towards achieving balance and activating the higher energy centers.

Author © Margarita , 2021 (@Rita.Lev)

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  1. I like to give anonymously when I can.  I don’t want the focus to be on my generosity, or people thinking I’m a really great person.  I want the focus to be on how a need met, affects the person in need.  That th…

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