Petroglyphs, Crop Circles and Ancient Builder Race?

Some background……. In 2012, as a retired teacher, I was looking for a hobby and I love to hike. So I began to venture out to explore and photograph petroglyphs in the Southwest corner of Utah near where I live. It’s about 130 miles East of Area 51 and North of Las Vegas , Nevada. A small portion of the Mojave desert that extends into a portion of Utah. I even created anonymously, two facebook sites to show my photos. Today I came across some photos that so reminded be of something Corey had mentioned, that I wanted to share.

First: The paragraph and crop circle photo below was shared by Corey in an update posted on spherebeingalliance in an update “COREY GOODE INTEL UPDATE PART 2 August 2016” about his first visit with a Sentinel Being on the visit to Ancient Builder Race ruins and working outpost.

Corey Goode; “I saw what appeared like two different types of symbols. Some were large and static, and the others moved in all while flashing colors. I felt as if sounds were occurring inside my head, instead of being physically audible in the structure. I couldn’t understand what I was looking at. I must admit I was very surprised to see similar symbols appear in a recent crop circle. Even if this formation is somehow a hoax, it may be that the minds of those who created it were inspired by the same consciousness that I had interacted with. As I saw some of the symbols in the crystal pyramid, I had a sudden thought that these were numbers and mathematical formulas.”

Second; My pictures of the petroglyph. It reminded me so much of the crop circle glyphs/shapes that my mind flashed on Ancient Builder Race. I’m not saying it’s Aliens, but it might be Ancient Builder Race inspired. They are so different from other petroglyphs I’ve photographed in the area. Note the small humanoid figure next to the boxed in glyphs. I know it’s a stretch, but that’s part of how I like to expand my thinking……….lol.

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