The Mini-Romag Generator and Loss of Electricity After “The Shift”

I hope to start documenting more via this blog. Below is a link to some Interesting channeled info I came across in 2006 that claims to describe how to build advanced tech, with a story about the future that seems to line up with Corey’s view of the Anshar timeline. I am not sure if this is legit tech though and have difficulty tracing where this really came from. They claim “In the near future the magnetic axis of the earth will shift. The message of the greatest importance is that after the shift, ELECTRICITY WILL NOT WORK. The new Earth polarity will not allow present generators to gather magnetic molecular structures from the ionosphere and then form them into electrons. It is time for a new scientific paradigm to emerge on this planet. We must abandon all theories and practices that do not ensure our long-term survival. This information for survival is directed to the general population and is kept very basic. We must at least make some of these magnetic devices and then use them as SEEDS to spread magnetic energy after the pole shift. We can usher in our golden age of civilization where everyone can use free magnetic energy, or we can continue along our current path of destruction and our struggle to survive will take place in an unbelievably harsh environment.” Document: – Original Source:

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  1. so for the lay person,Im very interested in self reliance and help[iong my neighbors,but I am at a totalloss as to “how”? if you know of any forums on how to take care of ourselves after the shift,I would hugely appreciate it

  2. Makes me wish I knew more about engineering as a basis for better understanding the charts and mechanics of assembly.This group that claims the receipt of this knowledge obviously are very scientifically oriented as well as spiritually aware. Having read the mission statement and the introduction, I find it very interesting and at the same time wonder how this “free energy – magnetically oriented” information has been able to remain available given the “greed” and “controlling” segment of our paradigm. I’m surely going to spend more time looking over this pdf file. Thanks Mike.

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