The Choice

There seems to be but one major choice to be made…. by every sentient being. The length of time it takes to make that choice is of no consequence. To be sentient and aware of that choice is a process that develops, as seen from our human perspective, after a great deal of time has taken place.

The Law of One indicates that the space/time and time/space of Earths first density experience spanned perhaps 2 billion of our years. With the first introduction of second density and it’s process of diverse development, (which is described as the longest of the time periods) was/is approximately 4.6 Billion years.

After the establishment of both 1st and 2nd density development, the sentient “self” of 3rd density begins. How long has it been going on. It seems to have been going on Earth for well over 17 to 18 million years.

The Anshar, who are developed to a point of being 4th density have been at it for quite a while. The Law of One indicates that “the space/time incarnation typical of harmonious fourth density is approximately 90,000 of your years as you measure time.” The entire process is said to be over 30 million years. To still be in 4th density they have been through many cycles with opportunities to move to 5th density, however, for whatever reason some of the Anshar remain in 4th Density and have remained connected to Earth. Through the use of time travel technology, they claim the need to manicure an optimal time line if possible. With the help of current 3rd density inhabitants as well as their own 4th, 5th and 6th density “Guardians”, they seek to be of service to their past selves and our future selves to create an optimal timeline that is positive in nature.

Getting back to the “Choice”.

Beginning in 3rd density an understanding or sense of separation from source has it’s beginning. For purposes unknown by 3rd density beings, a method of reconnection is created. To reconnect to source or “oneness” a choice is given.

The choice is between a course of development that directs attention and focus either on the “self”, classified as a “negative” polarity……. or on “other selves,” classified as a positive polarity. Both terms are equally valuable depending on the intention and focus of the 3rd density entity. That choice seems to be the axis or focal point upon which 3rd density is based and upon how long time/space it takes to make tha choice.

Future refinement of the direction of an entity through 4th density and 5th density are the choice of the entity. The time involved is of no consequence. An entity can remain in any of these creations for as long as wanted. The refinement of the quality of the polarity of the “choice”, is the very purpose of 4th and 5th density.

The choice is of consequence, however, the amount of time it takes to make that choice is not. A being can remain in 3rd density forever, if that is their choice. The planet they live on will not be their Earth for much longer.

While in the experience of 3D, like a magnet, people will have a positive and a negative side. It seems 3rd density is, or can be a 50/50 split in polarity. The solar event that catalyzes the planet in a 4th density vibration and it will be the end of work in 3rd density vibration. Those who consciously make the choice to place more emphasis on “others” than on their “self” will remain of earth to continue refinement of the “CHOICE”. Those who’s polarity is more than 50 percent negative will gain their continued experience, but not on the planet Earth.

Importantly the “foundation stone of free will” makes the estimation for the time/space or space/time involved in this process extremely flexible.

Free Will makes the “Choice” yours, whenever your ready.

(LOOS76 & 43)

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