Our Sun today

Feeling off the rocker lately? Like people around you are really losing it, or yourself are swinging between crying, laughing and being lost in space?

After watching the latest Space Weather video yesterday, (SO News(?)) I realised “it’s not me”. The incoming energy is off the scale, and in my country people are totally off their  normal self.  I Have no idea if they (most people) are even noticing it themself, but I do. I just can’t believe what so called normal people / ‘important’ people and what they are saying or doing.

But I am used to being the weird one, every other person where I live is off sick (cold, flue, other) or in panic becauce of the rising kost of, well, everything. And the war in Ukraine is taking its toll on most people. 

The creme of the people are planning thir next beach / ski holiday. Anywoo .Here is the latest picture of our Sun. So beautiful 🙂  

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  1. A short video update (link), short, but still full of very usefull information .. SO news: October 31. 2022. (Suspicious Observers)
    Take a look at our very own star, the Sun – at the beginning of this video.
    I still am in awe of the pure beauty of it.
    We are truly blessed to have this warm yellow star as our Sun.

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