New Beginnings.

I am NEW to all this. I am looking to grow and evolve into a enlighten human. Any practical advice that I can use to do this would be appreciated. I am a freethinker whom is willing and capable to transform into a enlighten man.

My life has been hard but it gave me character and a outlook on the darker side of human behavior. I am a good person with a old soul. 

I am here to learn and connect with people who are in the same process and mindset. 

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  1. Enlightenment is more than just gaining esoteric knowledge : Enlightenment involves alignment which is achieved through healing. The fasted way to heal is by partnering with creator to receive spiritual healing as 94% of physical ilnesses are caused by karmic imbalance. I use the Lightworker Healer Protocol which not only heals myself but also all other beings in the galaxy and beyond. Tis is the only way that we will be able to win against evil and it really works. Find out more at the website

  2. Where to start. Spiritual practices will always revolve around meditation and visualization. As you grow practice the states of: 1. going with the flow 2. don’t force it 3. trust yourself.
    Learn with the method that best suits you; reading, person to person, video, ect…
    And GO! 😛 🙂

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