Consciousness and interdimensional work

As I have been navigating new realities these past several years a lot of old energy has come to the surface.  I have come to realize running from these energies will only make things worse.  Facing the hardship and speaking your truth is the only way to a healthy ascension process.  Your past always catches up with you as it will with everyone.  No amount of technology, money or deceptive practices and false promises will get anyone out of facing the realities we are in.  In fact using the very tools that are so valued in the material world we live in, to deceive, is probably one of the most grievous violations we can do to one another.  

Unfortunately I have seen the pain and suffering this has caused others because it is a reflection of us all.  Being and empath is a gift but a gift that needs healthy boundaries and a high level of discernment.  Being a part of this community has opened up so much more healthy dialogue and habits.  Fully appreciating that healthy boundaries are not just external but internal as well has been nothing short of a blessing.  That is where the interdimensional work really can become rewarding.  There is a sacredness to interdimensional work that many persons not on this path do not fully appreciate.  The most humbling realization I came to is that we live biological beings on planet Earth leave energy signatures wherever we go.  The more knowledge we gain the more responsibility we have as individuals to make sure we leave the healthiest energy we can or at least provide a safe place so that others may learn how to ascend in the healthiest way possible.  

That being said situational awareness when it comes to consciousness and interdimensional work is so vitally important.  With the deepest sense of gratitude wishing you all the very best.


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