A message from the Star People 


– Truth Light ~ Mi’kmaq Second Message will be delivered Live on zoom!!  

This Friday March 18 Migmag Teacher & Translator Joan Milliea will deliver the full second message in Mi’kmaq and English. This message was received in 1977 and has been being translated over the last 44 years.

This is open to everyone, please share!

Registration link in bio @ancientechoes.inc or https://www.ancientechoes.org/live* 

* This is the 2nd of 7 messages – delivered through David Lonebear Sanipass. 

It will be read in their native language and in English, in a live broadcast this friday.  

– https://ancientechoes.org/?fbclid=IwAR0PJJsdSysk0dA1dI3L6cBE5g9G1OXBb8iVazvJ_IVEWy-wolDqgaVLT1Q 

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