Conciousness and our multidimensional selves

I come from a deeply academic background.  Science was and is the ultimate purveyor of our existence or so I thought.  After a series of very deeply traumatic experiences I personally came to realize that what goes on outside of us in the material realm is just a small fragment of our existential reality.  

Almost everyone in the ufological community looks to the sky for information about what is going on in the UFO circles. That being said there is some very convincing well documented and scientifically studied cases that in my opinion prove we are not alone.  Most of us are so conditioned to look to the skies to confirm the existence of other worldly intelligences that we have forgotten or neglected the real path to knowledge begins within.

I said that I had some deeply traumatic experiences in my life.  What some may not have the sense to say is that those experiences happened on an internal level.  As experiencers we all can identify with the shame of the stigma that surrounds those that do not understand or appreciate the level of pain and suffering dealing with the internal struggles we all go through, so we look to the skies.

Let me be clear, I am not discounting the very real and emotional and traumatic events that have occured in the past with experiencers of MILABS and other encounters I just want to make a very important distinction that when you look at someone who may have been abducted or had an experience where they cannot fully explain what has happened to them please just think about the trauma they may be feeling internally before you make any conclusions.  

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