Early morning

It is early saturday morning here in northern Europe. Not so easy to sleep nowadays, but what to do? At least it’s the weekend. 

It is really cold today, and with the full moon and sparkeling snow it is gonna be a beautyful day.

A few days ago I spent probably hours being really annoyed, and so tempted to do what “everybody else” is doing: ‘scream and shout’ somewhere on the internet. That evening I finally remembered the bit I tend to forget.

Be kind -to yourself, and others. And the order the words in this sentence has.

So easy to forget the ‘to yourself’ part.

I know that I am of not much use, if I forget that. As I tend to do, a lot.


Annoyed by the longlasting pissingcontest between some old men.

It’s like some of my neighbours and then some are having a much too long argument just outside our front door … 

Yeah: how about the people living in the building, guys? Hello, we have jobs and stuff to go to.

Neighbours. What ya gonna do?

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  1. I hope your Saturday stayed sparkling and beautuful. I agree with the “be kind to yourself” philosophy particularly if you want to be kind to others. For me, there is deep wisdom in this… 👍

    1. Thank you. 🙂 Yes, the service to others-thing isn’t always easy to grasp.
      I try to remind myself of this: “First of all: be kind. To yourself and to others”.

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