Be the light for others

Big changes are coming.

Stay focused on Love, Loving each other, being a warm place for others, a shoulder for people to cry on

be supportive of each other. Stay the course.

Everything is working out exactly how it is supposed to happen at all times.

Just Trust in that.

Trust that there is a higher plan.

There are many many many benevolent forces working with us to assist with this transition

and to bring in the information that we need to progress.

Be open to it. Be open to working with your guides, working with your higher self, you can connect with your guides through meditation. That is the best way of connecting. You can also get outside and ground yourself – being grounded outside in nature.

Know that there is a higher plan in place and trust that everything is happening for a reason.

As scary as it is going to look, it is happening for the highest and greatest good for all.

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