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I shared this with the MECN Facebook group before it was censored and closed some time back. Groups have a common dynamic, I’ve noticed, and AscentionWorkTV is no exception. I’ll share this same material here, because to me, all members will benefit from understanding this dynamic. My apologies for the size/length of this quoted material, but it seemed necessary to give the concept context.

Regarding (Spiritual) Group Dynamics

Note: It is worth remembering that Book Five was very fragmented, It contained material that at the time of the publication of the first four book, the material it contained was fragments of RA contact information they felt perhaps too controversial to disclose at the time. Book Five was an effort of a more full disclosure.

Law of One-Book Five

Fragment 3

(Comments by Jim McCarty-Scribe)

“Early in the Ra contact we received answers to our questions which fell into a controversial portion of our third-density illusion. Almost everyone, at some point within the study of the paranormal, spends some time being fascinated by the so-called “conspiracy theories” which have generally to do with the supposedly unseen groups and individuals who are said to be the real powers behind governments and their activities in the world of today. Such theories usually hold that the news reports that we hear and read concerning politics, economics, the military, and so forth are but the tip of the iceberg that has mainly to do with various schemes for world domination and which function through the secret activities of the small, elite group of human beings and their alien allies.

The following information (Ra Session #8, January 26, 1981 #8,pg.1-6 & 8-11) falls into that category and resulted from a follow-up question Don asked about UFOs and their sources. You will note that Don’s incredulous attitude throughout this portion of his questioning. It was a decision to remove this information from Book One of THE LAW OF ONE because we felt it to be entirely unimportant and of a transient nature since knowing it adds nothing to one’s ability desire to seek the truth, and the nature of the evolutionary process, whether the information is true or not. In fact, knowing and continuing to seek this kind of information can become a major stumbling block to one’s spiritual journey because it removes one’s attention from the eternal truths which may serve anyone’s journey-at an time-and places it upon that which is only fleeting interest and of little use spiritually. Concentrating on conspiracy theories and their participants tends to reinforce the illusion of separation and ignores the love that binds all things as One Being. If we had continued to pursue this particular line of questioning, or any other line of questioning of a transient nature, we would soon have lost the contact with those of Ra because, as Ra mentioned in the very first session, Ra communicated with us through a “narrow band” of vibration or wave length.

Through various clues that Ra gave us when Don asked about the alignments at the end of each session, we were able to determine that this “narrow band” meant that only information of the purest and most precise nature concerning the process of the evolution of mind, body, and spirit could be successfully transmitted on a sustainable basis through our instrument. To ask Ra questions of a transient nature would be like trying to run a finely-tuned engine on crude petroleum.

Many groups become fascinated with transient information of a specific, mundane nature and have their information polluted by negative entities who gradually replace the positive entities that began their contact. Pursuing information of this kind is like moving the dial on the radio so that you end up with another station altogether from the one with which you began. This change in desire for the kind of information that the group seeks from its contact is the signal to that content that what it has to offer is no longer desired and the Law of Free Will requires that only hints of this de-tuning process be given to the group so that all the choices that the group makes are totally a product of its free will. When a group continues to seek the transient information, the positive contact gives hints here and there that such information is not of importance, but when the group persists in seeking this kind of information, the positive contact, in order to observe the free will of the group, must slowly withdraw and is then eventually replaced by a negative contact which is only too happy to give this kind of information, but with less desire for accuracy and with maximal desire to remove the group from the ranks of those who serve others. When the group has been discredited by false information — such as dates of future disasters which are published by the group and then do not occur— then the negative entities have been successful in removing the power of the group’s light and have gathered it for themselves.”

My admonition to the members of the group is to stay focused on your inner work. Avoid distractions and transient information whenever possible. Work to reduce the fear that negative energies try to get you to focus on. Give energy to be as positive as you can and know that your going through a growth process that eventually brings you joy and peace.

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  1. A very important reminder during these times. So much good, bad and ugly info begging for our attention. The inner work must be first above all else. The info can wait but our daily growth can’t much like Flower that needs daily sun. Thank you for this

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