The Anshar

Many followers of Coreys story have become fascinated by the Earths “Inner Earth” inhabitants know as the Anshar. The following is a part of that story.

This blog will be a segmented synopsis of some of the history of their presence here and their interaction with the surface population in recent times. (Part1)

A more detailed collection of information I hope to compile and share in the Group “Research on the Corey Goode Story”. Created to help people just learning about Corey’s story.

The Anshar have been residents of the planet for more than 17 million years. They claim to be us from the future. They are volunteers who decided to time travel into their past to adjust, fix, monitor and massage a perceived issue with the time line of their 4th density civilization. Their technology was able to transport them to a time period millions of years into their past and a bit into our past as well.

Their 4th Density population were on the Earth when the Super Earth called Tiamat or Maldak exploded 500,000 years ago. Mars, believed to have been a moon of the Super Earth was heavily damaged. Both were populated by humanoid beings and both were of a very aggressive and control oriented nature. The inhabitants of Mars had established colonies on earth.

Earth would have experienced the effects of the destruction of the Super Earth as well, but perhaps not as extensively as did Mars. There was no Earth moon at the time. It arrived later as a rescue vessel bringing refugees from Mars to their established colonies.

This all occurred before the Anshar “time” expedition was conceived. The Anshar plan developed millions of years into the future.

When, much later, the Anshar did travel back in time, it seems to have also been what we would consider thousands of years into our own past as well. They were already on the planet when the pre-adamites arrived approximately 60 thousand years ago. They were observers of the the rise and fall of thousands of earths cultures and civilizations over those many thousands of years. Keeping their presence and location unknown has been a priority until recently. Their interaction with the surface population was calculated and planned to maintain their presence, as fellow human inhabitants, a security secret and a necessity.

They have now made their presence known. This needed to be done prior to the next solar flash/solar event/micro-nova. Their former earth presence and their current expedition presence was relying on their ability to direct and influence their past selves (us), to make some critical decisions that would ensure their 4th density future.

As a function of their manicuring of events along their past timeline and of their development to facilitate events in the future of this Earth timeline, they had representatives of their civilization make overt contact with a segment of earths Secret Space Program. Eventually, Corey Goode, who formally served in that program, was invited to be introduced to the Anshar and to help in the process of creating a timeline that would help the Anshar and others of Earth to be prepared for the solar events.

The Anshar had been through many solar events before, based on their technology developed over those 17 million years. The timeline of their future success seemed to pivot around the upcoming solar event more than others of the past solar events. Their technology currently protects them. Helping others prepare, through the inner work of raising our awareness and consciousness to handle these newer and higher vibrational frequency that cause this solar event is all a part of what they went through as us in the past in order to reach the us of the future, from which they had returned.

(Please note: This is to be seen as my perspective. Errors in interpretation can and do occur. The illusion we live in is full of stories and this can be just one of them. I’m hoping this helps others, but that remains to be seen. The result sought for, is to gain better understanding of more of the possibilities presented by eternity)

PS: Comments welcome and editing likely, lol

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  1. I was particularly drawn to the image you have provided of the Anshar. In a meditation/inner journey I had in 2015 – I met a being who looked very similar to this. Tall and slender; fair complexion; long robe (silver/blue); long hair; slender face – but what has drawn me to your image is the neck piece. In my vision the being I met had a very similar neck piece – he/she was wearing a long chain with a sphere on the end of it. Inside the sphere there seemed to be a moving cosmos. Through my awareness this neck piece wasn’t jewellery as we would know it but rather an energetic device of some king. There was more to my vision but in brief, I was aware of being inside the inner earth and the surroundings were golden. The image used for this article brought my experience back to memory.

    1. Thank you for sharing your dream experience. It is wonderful to think such an interesting memory recall has occurred. I’m hoping this may occur for all of us in some way. Thanks again!

  2. WOW…… Thanks Billy. I’m so grateful to see that the CD episodes are still available. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Alex Icon…… I hope you see this too. This is great news!

    1. They were on Odessey until a copyright complaint was filed, as I understand it. So no where to be found that I’m aware of right now.
      Woops……… this was to answer Alex.
      Ken, I have over 52 pages of Coreys interaction with the Ansher. Up to over 20000 words…. lol. It’s almost becomimg a small book. Will be posting it in the future..

    2. David willock hosted maybe up to 50-100 episodes with Corey – sadly, due to the different opinion between Corey and the founder of cosmic disclosure – they deleted all of Corey part and reassembled them to a new series – with Emery smith and david – the founder is the one who interviewed Jason rice – dig more yourself you will understood

  3. One thing I remember Anshar corrected is – Sitchin’s research of Annunaki people is wrong- anshar said it is a hoax. If this is true- what a sad thing that a human cost his lifetime just doing one thing and made a worldwide recognition is based on a false story line-

    1. Xing Liu and katrina wang :感謝您對這個博客的興趣以及您可能有的任何和所有評論。 我用谷歌翻譯(繁體中文)也有(簡體中文)。 哪個最好用? 謝謝你。

  4. I enjoyed reading about Corey’s experience when presented on Gaia. It seems that the Anshar had (and justifiably so) anxiety about meeting with surface humans. When they were able to assure to themselves confidence with Corey, interchange occurred. From what I remember, Corey did not share a large amount of detail of his experience with them.

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