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Chats with Corey (Live Q&A)

() - every month

Q&A and community chats with Corey Goode & Mike Waskosky. All subjects are on the table as we seek to unravel the mysteries of reality and the cosmos. Collaborator Plan access required to join the livestream but recordings will be made available to all others a little later. This livestream format gives everyone a chance to connect with Corey in a way that tends to bring new insight and often surprising answers.

Access links will be emailed out one day before the event starts. Send in your questions privately using this form or publicly using this forum.


  1. Question : Do you believe that there are negative extradimensional entities that influence souls who are about to be reincarnated on their life choices of incarnations (life, parents, etc) in order to collect as much suffering as possible to feed themselves and their control system.

    The famous “Lords of Karma”.

  2. It is heard from the Swiss command center carrying out the new world order by the Atlantean descendants through the world governments. Past and present wars have been organized by them. What is known about it?

    Is the new monetary system GSF a white hat project or a cunning trap by the Cabal?

    Is medbeds a Kabal full control project?