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Chats with Corey (Live Q&A)Browse Other Series

Chats with Corey (Live Q&A)

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Q&A and community chats with Corey Goode & Mike Waskosky. All subjects are on the table as we seek to unravel the mysteries of reality and the cosmos. This livestream format gives everyone a chance to connect with Corey in a way that tends to bring new insight and often surprising answers.

Access links will be emailed out one day before the event starts. Send in your questions privately using this form or publicly using this forum.


  1. Corey and Mike,
    First, I wanted to tell you that I really appreciate all that you both do. At best these are difficult times and these are difficult messages to convey.

    I know patience is key during this time and it is something I have had some issues with over the years. However, I hopefully have learned, at least to a much more higher degree to let all things, and especially those that I cannot control, come in there own time.

    Unfortunately, I was unable to attend your March 17th addition of “Chat’s with Corey”. Would it be possible to find the replay to this session, so that I can stay current and up to date with what is going on? I have been searching for it for a couple of days.

    Please let me know.

    Peace, Love, and Light

    Best Regards, Richard

  2. Thank you for your help, Louis, I figured out that I should have responded to the invitation yesterday for a smooth today viewing. I chose to listen to the November 2023 Q&A. I will attempt to access the 12/30/23 chat later on in the week. Any comment?
    Also, I had submitted an ‘unsubscribe’ which I have reversed. Maybe this affected today’s viewing.
    I believe that Corey Goode is a source to listen to. Doesn’t mean I have to agree with all that is offered … and perhaps will agree later in my own
    personal ‘update’.
    Happy New Year: Susan

    1. Hi Colleen, you haven’t missed it because it’s scheduled for NEXT Saturday, August 19. If you are signed up for the livestreams you’ll receive an email reminder to the email associated with your subscription 1 day and 1 hour ahead of the livestream. Feel free to email us at [email protected] if we can be of assistance.

    1. Because The One Infinite Creator made creation with free will, and once you make a less than perfect choice, karma sets in and from that negativity created through free will and negative things have to happen and are created and will continue to be in existence until humans that created the negativity learn their lesson. God himself cannot interfere with Karma. God is perfect, the angelic host and ascended masters are perfect! So where does evil come from? The only place in all of creation that negativity comes from is a being in embodiment making a less than perfect choice, which starts the karmic wheel. No wrath of God, just karma! So the question everyone should be asking is “What have we done to create all this negativity?” Per the Ascended Masters, over 90% of a normal humans life is not of the light! Top five things humans do creating negativity per the Ascended Masters are in order 1. Eating Meat which is Spirit Cooking Second Dimensional Beings – pure evil 2. Drinking Alcohol 3. Drugs, not just illegal 4. Smoking 5. Processed foods, gmo, onions and garlic, etc ! So what would the karma be for eating meat? Let’s see animals (2nd dimensional beings ) are herded, bred, slaughtered, blood drained out of them, and then eaten ( spirit cooked ). Wow that sounds a lot like human trafficking only human trafficking is done to 3rd dimensional beings or humans! Human Trafficking is a direct result of humans eating meat! Per the Ascended Masters! Until humans stop torturing animals and eating them, human trafficking has to continue as humans have not learned their lesson. Wow I could go into religion which was created to highjack mankind’s spirituality! So much of the negativity going on now is our own negative karma being played out! It’s not just a bunch of bad guys doing bad things, it’s all karma driven! Yes human trafficking and spirit cooking humans is HORRIBLE, but in Gods eyes, no more horrible that eating animals ! Which is worse, the creation of the negative karma or the lesson? Most would say the creation of negative karma, which eating meat is! Humans need to back out of human consciousness and take a look at how karma and creation works and you will be saddened at how complicit you have been with evil! With Love and Light

      1. Eating animals? The Creator put everything here for us to eat. I rather not eat cow or chicken, but blaming Karma for everything gets really old really fast, when we all know its our evil elites who have governed us for millinemin who are the ones responsible for creating so much suffering for far too long on Earth, and they have been keeping us SCARED to control us and keep us as for their SLAVES! The Cabal/Evil Aliens have interfere way too long in our ability to move up! Karma should be biting them in the ass by now! We need to tap into our full potential now as human beings if we are to take them down and save Earth. I say enough of this suffering, I think most of us want to save and rescue the innocent people from this evil causing so much Hell on Earth right now, and we need to be trained on how to do it now!

  3. Yes ! They will target to the HIGHEST level …the good people that want to expose the truth … Time to move up in consciousness ,,, big time … …… ………

  4. Question : Do you believe that there are negative extradimensional entities that influence souls who are about to be reincarnated on their life choices of incarnations (life, parents, etc) in order to collect as much suffering as possible to feed themselves and their control system.

    The famous “Lords of Karma”.

  5. It is heard from the Swiss command center carrying out the new world order by the Atlantean descendants through the world governments. Past and present wars have been organized by them. What is known about it?

    Is the new monetary system GSF a white hat project or a cunning trap by the Cabal?

    Is medbeds a Kabal full control project?