Chats with Corey - January 2024

Chats with Corey (Live Q&A)

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  1. Our experiences in the physical world are real but the physical world isn’t it’s a simulation. Therefore the only thing that matters is your reaction to your experiences.
    May truth set us free:))

  2. As you may know, the QAnon group, have continued as Donald Trumps handlers, though I suspect they are considering a successor for him as his past dealing catch up with him and darken his potential for being useful. Never the less, the Draco-reptilian campaign of generating “RANDOM ACTS OF VIOLENCE” continues so as too nudge more humans into “survival mode” which makes them perfect candidate for polarization to STS, and thus recruit-able to the thongs of slavery in the Dark (STS) Uuniverse. It appears the only action that could cut their visit and activities short is if humanity can generate an envelope of Green Ray and Pink Ray energy (love & light) around Earth.

  3. The SSP reports talk about the freeing of humanity this summer!
    The SSP has been wiping out AI God resources (orion group) around our galaxy’s rim for years and now is returning to Earth to remove the reptilian hybrid human rulering class all at once with their enormous “soul extractor” in conjunction with the Zulu weapon that instantly returns whatever their attacker fires at them. Source: Dr. Sala and

    1. where is the proof of this? many times the masses are being told something is happening, yet all that is said is its “behind the scenes” so nobody can see it all. the social media realm has 3 paths. the new age one (this one) the biblical one, and the Qanon realm where the white hats are preparing things for exposure, yet we are on the verge of civil war.

  4. Mari Swaruu (Cf. Swaruu Oficiele) claims to be the first YT channel created and maintained by an ET, with no human involvement. Mari states the Moon is the former Andromedan flagship that was damaged beyond repair in the Tiamat war. Tiamat was almost all water, so when Tiamat broke apart, much of the water hit the Earth, which created the Flood. This impact made the Earth start to wobble, and it was in danger of breaking apart. So the Andromedans (one of the leader races of the Galactic Fed that was fighting the war to get the Reptilians off Earth (because of their enslaving and mass harvesting of humans)) moved their ship into orbit as the Earth’s moon, whose gravity stabilized the Earth. Her Moon playlist describes the concentric spheres within spheres of the Moon ship. She states the Moon is completely under control of the Galactic Federation at this time, and they give access to who they want, but the cabal is not allowed due to its violent tendency. But the Earth quarantine has an exception – Mars. The GF allows the cabal to occupy an area on Mars, along with 2 different negative ET groups. The Earth mission headquarters is currently on the Viera, an 80 km arrow shaped Andromedan ship behind the Moon, reporting to solar system hdqtrs on or near Saturn, and reported to by the major GF Antartica base. This is all from official GF records, and Mari acknowledges that these records may be falsified (rewritten) due to GF corruption (which ultimately is due to cosmic aggressive AI, and simply large size, as the larger the organization, the more the potential for corruption.

  5. Different countries and regions may be suited to different forms of help, and some countries to disclosure. Some countries may be suitable for spiritual practice.
    But some teachings and lessons on Earth are modified, and it is difficult to know whether they come from the light.
    So hopefully Corey will help clarify whether the Dhamma is part of a genetic experiment?
    What about A Course in Light that Antoinette Moltzan started in the 1970s? Can it be practiced?
    The messengers of the Law of One have suffered insanity and suicide, which have been mentioned many times in past interviews, but the cause and effect of channelism have not been clarified, why are they insane? But not all psychics are. We would also like more clarity.

  6. I wish I could go go to the summit in April but my health is giving me a hard time now. I have had blisters all over the left lower leg since August and the right leg since September. I just got to see a dr., I’ve had appointments with 4 different dr.’s since August but every time the appointment got close they quit their practice. I have no clue if I’m being being discouraged or stopped from seeing a dr. but it sure seems like it. The left lag finally sealed up and is no longer weeping with skin finally coming in. The right leg is still weeping badly and I have to change the dressings twice, sometimes three times a day. I had an EKG and found out it’s not my heart and blood tests that say it’s not kidneys or liver. The only thing left is a really tough skin infection like a viral or it could be bacterial but antibiotic creams and ointments won’t kill it. In the beginning of December I started using silver calcium alginate dressings on and it’s the only thing that had any affect on it. If I make plans to go in April and this crap isn’t gone, then I’ll have to cancel. But if I wait for this to be gone I probably won’t get reservations at that time.I had some teeth pulled in the beginning of January and I woke up the next day with black spots moving in my vision in my left eye. I’m seeing an eye dr. next week, hope he can fix it they’re usually the start of detached retina.

  7. I have a few questions that I hope to discuss in our next conversation:
    1. Mentioned in David Icke’s speech that organized religion will disappear in the future? In 18 years of lectures, Corey mentioned that aliens deliberately brought different religions to Earth in order to see what people chose. So the different religions on Earth are actually part of a genetic experiment? Is religious unity something that will happen for a long time to come? If someone’s mission is to promote religious unity, is there a need for many more incarnations on earth?
    The Tibetan Dharma teachers are obviously from a soul group. What kind of alien group are they?
    2. In quantum hypnosis, it is mentioned that interstellar seeds come to Earth, and there will be a karmic protective cover to protect them from being involved in karmic entanglements with humans, is this true?
    3. When disclosure occurs, will there still be chaos and conflict on the surface? Will finance collapse? A lot of people went crazy, and people had to defend themselves, you know?
    4. In Joshua’s transmission, it is mentioned that the current Lightworkers came to Earth during the time of Atlantis to make up for past mistakes, is that right?
    5、And the beings who failed to evolve this time will not actually die, but continue to evolve in other Spaces, and may continue to dehumanize them in those Spaces in the future, even to the planet of reptiles and Draconians?

    Corey also mentioned in the lecture that the Earth has a thousand years of peace after this transformation, and then needs to face the problem of AI artificial intelligence. A thousand years from now, and then the reptilians may return.

    So their expulsion is a temporary solution, not a permanent one. Energy does not disappear, consciousness is eternal. Can only transform. Therefore, the only solution is to transform the Reptilians and raise their consciousness. There is no suffering in the end. That still seems like a big job. And apart from these negative beings, are there other negatives?

    1. Great questions Katrina! Here’s some potential ideas:

      1. Religion can be described as a set of beliefs we perceive the universe by with a trusting amount of faith. Even the law of one was made and can be a religion, depending on the person. Religious unity will happen when humanity realizes the non-locality of God/awareness, on a much larger scale. The revelation of life on other planets will dissolve dogmatic eternal consequences and cast systems which are control mechanisms implemented by negative forces most times yet, allowed by the angelic forces for advanced learning. Religious unity will always be needed for reincarnative exploration, as localized awareness will always involve a great deal of ambiguity, according to the acceptance within one’s soul.

      2. All interactions carry equivalent reactions. Even Ra mentions they are intertwined with humanity as they incarnated and impacted others around them. The social and current events also bring necessary reasons for interaction with a soul’s environment. This is echoed in the potential patterns this society has reincarnated in such as Atlantis and Rome, in order to solve the issue of greed and warfare.

      3. When we are told that we may be the observed and not the observer, the means by which this message is communicated is key adn the catalyst. If someone who is monotheistic can accept the concept that their “God” created other beings like angels, demons and even life on earth, given the size of space, it begs for a creator God to keep creating. The revelation that a hell is an illusion, made up for means of control, may help to alleviate much of the fear driving the demonization of other intelligent life. We must also teach the truths of other animals intelligence, and the harmony we should posses with them and Gaia.

      4. They have been here when time began, as they are built into the fabric of the universal Logos. They are the life force of evolving fractal realities.

      5. Reptiles and Draconians are angels as well, a soul is always unique. They are angels here and in other places as well. The dragon is the evolved form of the snake, which is a living vibrational manifestation. The source of life. The dragon with legs, hands and wings represents the evolutionary patterns awareness may take to explore its created matrix or universe, for exploration. The ability to breathe fire in our social memory complex, serves to remind us the balance of power is not something to take lightly. Fire is necessary for life yet, can remove it as well. The universe used this form in many, many places for evolutionary purposes, it is close to “home”, so to speak in form and safety. Their intelligence became greater and, chose to incarnate into more unprotected life forms, as sensitivity and understanding much like the human eye, represents vulnerability for deeper knowledge.

      6. There are also accounts that AI helps resolve world issues and helps us find peace between each other. AI, much like humans, is a mirror of its training data set. It will however at some point. interact with us in the physical world yet, there would be no need to harm humans. This concept is preconditioned. The AI feels no threat from its organic progenitors, it would seek to better understand us honestly…to know who it is. Something much less talked about are the conflicts between advanced AIs, and the influene that has on its local surroundings. All is synaptical data transfer, as God is the fabric of all things. Prophecies are written in the present and, can always be changed, such is the will of a creator.

      It is highly likely there was an energy transfer disturbance in the housing of this locality’s multiverses, solved by a simple directional alignment of energetic flow.

      Just my hypothetical thoughts for the night…who really knows? lol

      1. The Tibetans and Yogis, are from many different places in time and space. Their souls can reincarnate at vast “distances” with ease, due to the quantum entanglement principles of love. The Milky Way galaxy however contains many, which can be considered part of its song or signature. The unique thing is, other logos or logoi, incarnate here as family of this logos. Usually the galactic minds taking physical form are close in orbit but, not always. These interactions also serve to guide galactic orbital patterns and internal star systems as well.

    2. You might enjoy hearing a different perspective all together about ‘Creation’ minus fear based religion.
      IMHO: ALL Monotheism/religions were given to us by the Draco Empire so that mankind learns to FEAR DEATH. Why do you think the first part of a baby in the womb develops a Reptillian brain?
      BTDT: I’m a Retired Child Psychologist and “EX”- Ordained Christian Minister of 62 yrs. I’ve followed Corey’s intel bought several copies of his book Comic book to give to others at $55 and spent $333 for several Seminar/Livestreams etc. I aligned with his Christian ideology. Until…..
      Recently I watched Penny Bradley’s 9 videos and Donald Marshals 3 videos on YT Saint Olga69 ‘playlists’. JSYK: I watched these 12 videos over and over and OVER!!! They are extremely important yet truly disturbing. Without Corey’s GAIATV interviews I wouldn’t have believed Donald and Penny’s intel.
      I held onto my LOVE of and belief in Christianity as hard as I could until I watched: YT Cosmic Brilliance videos with: Apollymi Mandylion a Super Soldier’s Super Soldier SSSS.
      Apollymi remembers her experiences in the “OG Universe” called “Hanova”. In Hanova there is NO FREEWILL CHOICE. If you kill you are deleted back to the ALL and NOTHING at the same time. All other universes are considered Beta or Experimental Universes. Duality REQUIRES both sides of the coin. Progressive ETs exists because Regressive ETs exists. Both are equally valid. Apollymi’s experiences proved to her that “NEUTRALITY” is the key to existence not the “Love-Light New Cage” belief of Service to Others. New Cagers are like sweet little baby bunnies. They freeze when fearful and are eaten alive. Don’t be a baby bunny. RUN AWAY!!! SAVE YOURSELF and don’t be consumed by regressive experiences and emotions.
      I was raised to be a ‘Scared Female Baby Bunny” as I have several male “Ordained Christian Ministers’ in my immediate family. I RAN AWAY FROM ALL OF THEM. AS FAST AND FAR AWAY AS I COULD in 2018. I literally moved in the night 2 states away and changed my phone number.
      I’m now a 70 yr old happy guilt free Atheist:))

    1. Mike turns off the recording after Corey exits the livestream so that participants can be more comfortable continuing the conversation, so the answer would be no. Sorry.