Chats with Corey – March 2024 - Q&A

Chats with Corey (Live Q&A)


  1. Hello can you tell me what do you think about cosmic agency? Do you think what they being saying is real, about their friendship by chat with Taygetianos, who are in Earth orbit?

  2. Does anyone know of anything about astral traveling? I’ve been lucid dreaming since I was 4 yrs old and sometime after 1981, I began astral traveling during lucid dreams. These dreams are very short in duration but are loaded with information. Most recently I visited a female from what I think was inner earth. She had dark red hair and a skin tone that was kind of olive, but not pronounced green in color, more of just a darker tone than caucasian with an olive hue. I didn’t get to much from her but she was very welcoming and expressed an invitational attitude as if I had asked her if I could stay there. Maybe I did ask but I don’t remember the arrival to that place, or how or why my higher self was looking to go there. I just refer to “him” in male pronouns, because “he” is not me. Sometimes he goes places without me and sometimes I go with him but he shuts off my memory of where we have been. In July of 2021 he took me with him and when we came back I got a sense of having been gone for a very long time when he had problems with alignment of the legs when getting back into the body. So I tried to see where we had been and he slammed the memory closed. But anyway this has been going on for decades, and sometimes it gets very dangerous as we have left and shot back to the body very fast as if we had been observed by those who don’t have our best interests in mind. I’ve never talked with anyone about this nor have I heard of anyone else who has. Maybe I’m crazy but I sure don’t think I am and it would be nice to talk with anyone who travels in this way. Prior to 1981 the lucid dreams were always about the future of my life although I didn’t know that until the events and people of my life came to be, just as the dreams of my childhood had shown me.

  3. The Evil Political Swamp is Deep and Full of Fraud and Lies, the Secret Space Complex appears also to be Full of Fraud and Lies. Sad part, American Tax-Payers Foot most of the Expenses for these Black Projects–of course the Evil CIA is Involved. I saw one video where the CIA was using Space Craft to Move Drugs around Planet Earth…

  4. So many questions so few answers. We must simply explore the words of many a philosopher, especially Socrates. He said that the only true answers came from one’s own self. This did not mean that everybody shared only in falsehood and fiction, but rather that each and every ONE’s experience is quite personal, and that one’s truth may be quite different from the other, but as long as the goal remains that of right intention and sincerity, we ultimately share in the same truth. It is this very truth that made Socrates choose death by poison over fiction, and it is the very same truth that we would like Corey to share with us during his chats. Eternal thanks for the great effort involved in doing your very best to convey this particular form of sharing with us brother; your efforts are well appreciated.