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Chats with Corey – June 2024 – Q&A

Chats with Corey (Live Q&A)

This episode was made “subscribers only” to offer Corey greater freedom in the discussions but we will upload free portions soon.

In this episode Corey shares updates on his personal and professional life, including a recent trip, TV show plans, a documentary about his family, and ongoing projects like a video game and novel series. He also answers submitted questions on diverse topics such as fascism, karma, AI, mass consciousness, and paranormal experiences.


  1. So all I can think of at the 22:00 min mark where Corey is talking about this thing showing itself is the Nuremberg celestial phenomenon and the other few that occurred that are on record makes me think this thing has done this numerous times in the past.. interestingly enough the masses see it as a religious phenomenon… and tie it to whatever their belief systems are at the moment. So if it’s attempting some new religion using the ufo community that is possibly it’s goal…