Chats with Corey - February 2024

Chats with Corey (Live Q&A)

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    1. Missy is spot on — Dr. Salla used to work with Corey extensively and now has changed direction promoting a false narrative.
      Here is what Corey said today in the ECETI Telegram Chat Group regarding Dr. Salla: “He went from being super focused on identifying the fakes and putting forth verifiable info to telling me ‘Corey, every one deserves to tell their story, the community can figure out who is lying…’ which proved to be total BS. ED [Elena Danaan], Salla… all of them are in this for the money and recognition. Our deep dive into the LARP and other parts of this community revealed that many of them have serious criminal records and Salla and the others have put people in harms way by promoting them at events. A number of these events have covered up sexual assaults and harassment, stories that will be told in our reality tv show. A lot of community members are going to be VERY disappointed in what is going on in their community. Gossip and hearsay rule the air with this community, when the true crime series comes out it will be shocking for everyone… and the community will never be the same, well not as gullible anyway.”

  1. Thank you for answering about lifestyle. I also want to know what we should keep in-house and what not to keep a home at high vibrational? plants, crystals, pets, and less time with electronics?

      1. Paradise Ca WAS my hometown. 60k residents lost their entire town 11-8-18.
        David Wilcock claimed he knew since the 70’s Paradise Ca was the most protected property in the USA due to an Eisenhower Treaty with the Saurians. The Reptillian Dino-Saurians have two rows of bottom teeth. They live under Mt Shasta. I believe from my own experiences in Mt Shasta that the Saurians are 6D shape shifting Reptiles who pretend to look like perfect young humans. The Pleaidian Nordics = Fourth Reich Nazis = Aldebaran Aryan Race beliefs.
        I too follow YT Pleiadian Knowledge, Cosmic Agency, Swaruu Oficial, Za’el channels etc.
        May I recommend YT Cosmic Brilliance and the interviews of Apollymi Mandylion. Apollymi has full memory of her first existence in the OG Universe HANOVA. In Hanova there is NO FREEWILL CHOICE. If you kill you are deleted!!!
        The TRUTH is out there.

  2. Thank you Corey. Your Ascension Program helped many of us through 2020. The comments about the Sun and Northern Europe echo those by Kim Clements’ vision of the Sun striking Europe (and resultant tidal wave along the US east coast). Controlled thought projections? Maybe we’ll have Thought Police.