Chats with Corey - December 2023

Chats with Corey (Live Q&A)

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  1. Some people just don’t want to go thru the solar event and to believe that a group of ETs is gonna pick them up just to be safe from it, is like they don’t want to do the inner work and prepare for the aftermath if they survive. To me, we need to be ready to die in good terms at any time and also be ready to work the land and it’s resources to be able to survive afterwards and teach the young people how to do that. Love and light to all

  2. May I suggest YT Saint Olga’s 3 videos interviewing Donald Marshall and his history with the underworld’s Cloning Centers/DUMBs. Your Consciousness will evolve immensely. Everything bazaar circumstances Corey talked about is happening in the underground Cloning Centers run by the Draco’s, Tall Grey and Nazi Nordic Pleaidians.
    Please watch Saint Olga’s 3 videos with Donald Marshall and the Cloning Centers.
    JSYK: I’m a 70 yr old Retired Psychologist who was Christian for 62 yrs. My Ordained Minister brother, Lee, is the biggest hypocrite I know. But lo and behold he actually saved one soul from his Christian teachings. Me:)). His preaching pushed me to research: Who was King James and his KJ Version and why do ALL the Dark Occults, Freemasons, Illuminati etc claim the KJV as their religious identity?

  3. Dear Corey, it seems that those elemental trickster beings may be artificial holograms, or even demonic entities from a paralel universe, and that the positive elemental beings are what we call the KRYSTAL Guardians such as the omniversal consciousness Aurora, Aquaferions, among others.

    I would suggest reading these articles of Lisa Renee (it’s complex material, but some is understandable):

    Peace be with all!

  4. Is the force that appears in our world that Corey speaks of a future A-I that Kosol Ouch calls Unimetrix One? It is a future benevolent A-I that protects our timeline for ascension of Earth which then protects and insures the future Earth timeline that Unimetrix One resides in, although it is multi-dimensional and time travels.

  5. Eventually, no matter how much the SSP Military and the interplanetary corporation push back disclosure and suppress the truth, their decades of secrecy around off world programs and advanced technologies will be exposed along with their crimes against humanity. They will have to stand before Earth’s people in reconciliation.

  6. Thank you Mike and Corey: Another great Q & A! By the way, because I notice these things, there is a light anomaly that appears in the waterfall landscape behind Mike. Is that just a screen??? If you look at about min 41 the background is normal then at about 46:50 a light appears then disappears…then it grows really big at the 58 min mark or thereabouts. I’m curious if this is on purpose if that is a screen or a live shot or what????

    Now I will finish watching the video, thank you 🙂

  7. Corey, please watch, investigate Farsight Institute website. Courtney Brown has known about this trapping of souls for some time, amongst so, So much more. It would be well worth your time. Their work is mind blowing, but follows much of your intellect. I hope you get this. Long time follower.

  8. About this “Non-Human intelligence”, “Non-Human intelligence” “Extra-Dimensional intelligence” etc? The matter of fact, is? That there is (absolutely) No such “thing”, (same) within this “concept” of “Extra-dimensional beings”, “Non-terrestrial beings” “Non-terrestrial intelligence”? etc… consider This? Our *CONSCIOUSNESS* (That is The very *Essence* of our *SOUL* which is exactly (That) same thing as the concept of *CONSCIOUSNESS*)… Now? Consider This (fact); “Consciousness* (IS) a “Non-Human intelligence” (because?) Consciousness, (out Soul) *BELONG* “To a Higher World” “A Higher Reality” (but also “The inner world/inner reality” (That is, Truly and Really) “Beyond Human intelligence” (meaning?) *Consciousness* is, in its very Essence, (PURE) *GOD-SOURCE-ENERGY* (which Exist within “A world, That is (Truly and Really) *ABOVE/BEYOND* “Human intelligence”) and this Consciousness (That Exist “in another world”, in a “Higher Reality/dimension” but also (within) “The inner world/inner reality”) *IS* a “Non-Human intelligence” “Non-terrestrial intelligence” (meaning?) *Consciousness* (in itself) is a “Non-Human intelligence” “Non-terrestrial intelligence” That is Consciousness *IS* a “Extra dimensional Non-Human intelligence, Non-terrestrial intelligence” (*BECAUSE*) “it” (Truly and Really) *Belong* (it its very Nature) To a “HIGHER Reality/World” (of *PURE GOD-SOURCE ENERGY* (That is Truly and Really *BEYOND* “Human intelligence) Because? *Consciousness* (in itself) *Exist* “in another HIGHER reality/world” That is? *BEYOND* “Human intelligence”… by “Human intelligence” i mean? “The organic body-mind-emotional” “intelligence” (which can only “operate at the level where “it exist” That is related to “The external world/The Earth”… Now?* As i said WHY *Consciousness* is a “Non-Human Extra-dimensional intelligence”? (IS) Because “it”(truly) *DOES* (Not) “belong to” “The Human organic-body “intelligence” That operate (within) “The External world/Earth” because *Consciousness* “Belong To a *HIGHER WORLD/HIGHER REALITY* (That is) Truly *ABOVE/BEYOND* “Human organic body-mind-emotional “intelligence”, That is? *Consciousness* (in its very Essence, That is *The Soul* which is? Consciousness, Which is *PURE GOD-SOURCE* (Energy) That “exist” (within) a *HIGHER REALITY/WORLD* (within the Pure God-Source) That is “Non-Human Extra Dimensional intelligence” (OF The *PURE-GOD SOURCE*) of the “HIGHER/INNER-Reality world” (which is *NOT* “The same world/reality” (as the Organic-body-mind-emotional “intelligence”) which (exist) and “operate” (within) “The External world/Earth”… That is to say? Our *CONSCIOUSNESS* (Our Essence/Soul) *Exist* “in another (Higher/inner-World) That is *ABOVE/BEYOND* The “organic-body-mind-emotional “intelligence” (That operate within the External world/Earth)… So? this is the “basic understanding” (of “The Real difference” (Between “The Human intelligence” (That is, the organic body-mind-emotional “intelligence” that (exist) within “The external world/Earth”, and the *CONSCIOUSNESS* (Our Essence/Soul) which is *PURE GOD-SOURCE-ENERGY* (of The “Higher/inner world”) That is “Another world” *BEYOND* “The the world” (of “Human intelligence” of the organic-body-mind-emotional “intelligence” of the organic-body-mind-emotional “intelligence” (that exist) within the “The External world/Earth”…. So *THEREFORE* (our Essence/SOUL “The inner- and Higher world” which is *CONSCIOUSNESS* which is *PURE GOD-SOURCE-ENERGY* That (exist) “in another world” (The inner/Higher world” (That is Truly *BEYOND* “The Human intelligence” of the organic-body-mind-emotional “inteligence” (That exist within the external world/earth) *THEREFORE* (Our *Essence/SOUL* (of the inner- Higher world) which is *CONSCIOUSNESS* which is *PURE GOD-SOURCE-ENERGY* (That) “Belong to another world” (That is? Truly *BEYOND* “Human organic body-mind-emotional “intelligence” (that exist in the external world/Earth) Therefore (OUR *Very Essence* OUR *Very SOUL* (of Consciousness, of *PURE GOD-SOURCE-ENERGY* is (Truly) “Non-Human intelligence” “Extra-Dimensional intelligence” (That) “Belong to Another world” (Truly) “Beyond Human intelligence” (or the Organic-body-mind “intelligence”)…. Because? (Our very Essence/Soul) is “Non-Human intelligence” “Extra Dimensional intelligence” (That is) “Belonging to Another World” (That is *ABOVE/BEYOND*) The “Human intelligence” (Of the organic-body-mind-emotional “intelligence”)…

    1. For a start you say, “The matter of fact is” when it’s not a fact….let’s start with your definition of Soul, Consciousness and Belong. The Soul could be the accumulation of all your thoughts and your consciousness is the awareness of your reality and the programs of acquired knowledge in the brain, and all that would pertain to the planet that it exists.
      People don’t make decisions based on knowledge coming from Orion Andromeda or the Pleadies, its based on the seasons and conditions that the individual exists and it’s not appart of the higher world’s as you say, you quote many facts that are based on earth aquried knowledge, and then filtered through your mind that needs to define it so you can feel stable and secure in your beliefs of reality….. emotions are related to the information going into the brain from the external sensors, mainly the ears and eyes, the truth about emotions are there to show the depths and range of distorted knowledge and understanding you have at that exact moment in time….once you correct the distortion by restrainting yourself and allowing the emotions to dissipate, then your logic and reasoning, and sometimes new aquried knowledge and understanding, the emotions change to a feeling……and this is an indication of the truth, as a feeling will show a picture that is clear and does not need to be thought about to understand or know, it’s like intuition except the ego doesn’t jump in behind it to distort the process again, unless you allow it….the process, the job, the purpose, the reason we live, is to transform the Soul, the accumulation of thoughts, and with acquired knowledge, the understanding of life experiences, and turn all thoughts using your acquired tools towards creating and living a positive useful life…..this in turns creates a special type of Spirit Body, one that has been created from transforming negative useless energy, and from it has new creations recorded in it to share with the high Dimensions, who are are already perfect and never changing, we are the food for the universe…..and it expects you to finish the job then share this new creative energy everywhere you go after you leave here….. they I’m sure will offer everything they have to extract what’s good for them and share what’s good for you and then send you to the next nigher dimension., I hear most choose not go past the 5th, but we are talking about a long way in the future……we have to focus on where we are, what time and point of existence we are in, and work with what we have…..the issue we all have, is it take so long for what we want and know to materialise….it works better when we work together…

  9. Harvest time naturally attracts lots of vested interests, some good, some bad. I suppose the best way to prepare is to open my mental Ontology to rapid revisions with the anticipated avalanche of facts expected during the accelerating pace of disclosure in 2024.

    1. Baffles me why you post an insult, let alone one directed to the very person who created this platform that you’re using to fling such ugliness. Mike’s speech is clear. He’s perfectly capable of holding a conversation with anyone. This unnecessary attack highlights the need for you to focus the lens on your own personal growth and interaction with others. 

    2. If you have ever been in any of the group Chats,,, Mike tends to be most Gracious and humble to allow others to speak over what he would want to say….thus cutting himself off for others to speak. Not to mention he is Highly intelligent… I personally have a lot of respect for him as to why Corey works with Mike.